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Vehicle parts and accessories are one of the most popular categories on eBay Motors. This segment is booming right now, and we have every reason to believe that it will continue to grow quickly in the future. Whether you’re just getting started selling Auto Parts & Accessories, or already have an inventory in the thousands, eBay is the right place!

P&A business on eBay

eBay Motors by the numbers


eBay Motors P&A generate over $10B in annual GMV

One out of every three

One out of every three global eBay shoppers buys parts and accessories

3 car parts

Every second, 3 car parts or accessories are sold in the US

The following P&A categories saw particularly notable GMV increases*:

  • Cruise control components +48%
  • Transmission rebuild kits +26%
  • Brake component kits +19%
  • Oil filters +17%
  • Wheels and tires +6%
* Based on the Q4 2021 data
Growing P&A categories on eBay

Keys to successful P&A listings

more attractive

Make your listings more attractive in search results

When a listing appears in a buyers' search results, they'll see a snippet with a few key details — like the title, price, and main image. Update some of your listing details to make sure they are catching buyers' attention in search results.


Describe your items as detailed as possible

Add more images and details to your listings, and make sure you are offering retail-standard policies that buyers expect when they're shopping for parts and accessories.


Make sure buyers can find your listings

Most buyers searching for auto parts on eBay use filters to only see parts that will fit their vehicle. Add vehicle compatibility data (or fitment) to ensure your listings aren't filtered out of searches where they should be a match.

Valuable insights

Get benefit from using advanced solutions and tools

To work even faster, vehicle part sellers can use bulk listing tools that allow them to create and manage multiple listings. eBay also has several enterprise partners and certified providers that offer useful solutions for vehicle party sellers.

Vehicle compatibility (fitment): guide for eBay sellers

Tools and solutions for selling vehicle parts on eBay

eBay helps you achieve more

eBay sellers who deal in auto parts have excellent opportunities for growing their business, not only because the platform has a lot of potential buyers, but also because eBay makes a lot to support sellers of this category. For example, you can:

  • Research global and regional markets with built-in Terapeak service
  • Master all the various functionality of setting up a return policy
  • Use the eBay's own extensive catalog of parts compatibility
  • Find peace of mind and build buyer confidence with eBay Guaranteed Fit program

How to build inventory and choose suppliers

eBay Guaranteed Fit program

Parts, accessories, but not only

As well as parts and accessories, you can also sell all types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, and boats in the Motors category on eBay.

Parts, accessories, but not only
  • Vehicles can be listed in the same formats as most other product categories, including auction, Buy It Now, and Best Offer
  • Since a vehicle is a big investment for potential buyers, pay particular attention to the description, including full branded title or history (such as flood or salvage). When possible, include extended and verified vehicle history reports in your listings
  • The fees for selling a vehicle on eBay Motors are different from the fees for selling items in other categories. The amount you pay depends on the listing package you choose, as well as the eBay site you're listing on

Selling vehicles, parts, and accessories

Fees for selling vehicles on eBay Motors

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