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Promoted Offsite

What is Promoted Offsite?

Promoted Offsite is an advertising solution that lets you easily promote all of your eligible inventory on external channels, like Google. Reach new buyers and increase external traffic with easy to launch ads that are shown to buyers who start their shopping journey off of eBay.

Promoted Offsite

How it works?

Promoted Offsite showcases your eligible listings on leading external channels, like Google, to increase your visibility with interested buyers.

This puts your items in front of buyers actively searching for what you offer, even if they aren't on eBay yet. When buyers click your ads, they land directly on your eBay listing page, where they can see item details and make a purchase.

Campaign setup is simple — set a budget, name your campaign, and pick the dates you want your campaign to run. Once you launch a campaign, eBay handles the rest, optimizing your ads for success.

Promoted Offsite is a cost-per-click advertising tool. It uses a dynamic cost-per-click model and automatically adjusts for each listing on a daily basis. Your target daily budget determines how much you could be charged per month for clicks on your ads. You will be charged for clicks (exclusive of any applicable VAT/GST) on your ads up to your set budget.

Key benefits

When you promote offsite, you’ll:

Attract interested buyers to your eBay listings with ads on popular external channels

Save time with easy-to-launch campaigns that promote all of your eligible listings in just a few clicks

Increase your external views with ads that reach a wider audience off eBay

Getting started

You can create Promoted Stores campaigns from your Advertising dashboard. Here's how:

  1. In Seller Hub, go to your Advertising Dashboard.
  2. Select Create new campaign.
  3. Select Promote offsite from the ad type options.
  4. Follow the prompts to set up your campaign where you can set your target daily budget.
  5. Once you review your campaign details, you can Launch your campaign.

Once a campaign is active, you can monitor and update your campaign on the Advertising dashboard.

You can also promote your listings at various points of the selling journey, including from Active Listings and when creating new listings. You must meet certain eligibility requirements to advertise, such as having an eBay account in good standing and maintaining high seller performance ratings.

Best practices


Review and use suggested budget — Demand and traffic can fluctuate, tap into any spikes or shifts with buyer demand to maximize reach

machine learning

Be patient during the learning period — When launching a campaign, it can take time for machine learning to optimize ad performance, as the algorithm gathers data


Set a continuous end date — Longer campaign durations will help machine learning to optimize ad performance more efficiently


Follow eBay’s best practices for listings — Use clear titles, accurate descriptions, high-quality photos, avoid photo overlays, and include detailed item specifics to boost performance

Advertising and campaign dashboards

Once you have activated a campaign, you can view the performance of all of your Promoted Listings campaigns from the Advertising dashboard on the Advertising tab in Seller Hub.

Your Campaign dashboard lets you see detailed reporting for each individual campaign. While on the Campaign dashboard you can make edits quickly within the context of your performance.

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