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With the aim of creating economic opportunities for everyone, eBay spent 25 years creating a vibrant e-commerce platform that makes cross border trade easy and accessible.

Why sell with eBay?

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Sell Globally

Extend your reach globally across 190 eBay markets such as USA, UK, Australia, etc.

Low Set Up Cost

With free registration, enjoy the benefits of allotted free monthly listings and pay the final value fee only when your item sells.

High Profitability

Sell directly to the end consumer and enjoy better profit margins.

Immediate Payments

Immediate Payments

Receive the payment in your Payoneer Account within 2 business days post buyer’s successful payment.

Seasonal Insulation

Seasonal Insulation

Your online shop stays open for business – 24×7, 365 days a year, every season.

Seller testimonials

Amit Chilgunde ​

Creation Watches​ | Est. 2010 Singapore, Singapore​

What I really appreciate about eBay is the support we receive from our proactive account managers. EBay has been a big part of our journey so far and we hope to continue and grow further with ebay. The ability to access diverse markets and reach customers in different countries has added value to our business.


Have more questions?

How do I start selling on eBay?

To begin your selling journey, you must first register for an eBay account. Head over to, click ‘Create an Account’ and follow the instructions.

Do I need to pay a fee upon setting up a seller account?

If you’re thinking about selling on eBay, there are no up-front fees to start selling. However, when an item is sold, there will be some fees that will be charged.

What fees should I know about when selling on eBay?

Our basic fee structure is simple. It’s free to list and you’ll only pay a fee if your item sells. Click here for some of the fees you should take note of.

How many items should I list per day?

We recommend listing at least 100 SKUs on your eBay account to offer a variety of product selections to your buyer.

How do I sell internationally from Singapore or Malaysia?

You can either offer international shipping or list directly on supported international sites. An additional international fee may apply.

Here’s how to add international shipping to your listings:

  1. On your listing, choose Show international services and options and select Save.
  2. Choose Flat Rate or Calculated. A flat rate means you choose a shipping cost. Calculated shipping is determined by the buyer’s location using US Postal Service pricing.
  3. Select the countries you’ll ship to from Destination, and choose your preferred shipping carrier from Service.