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Shipping Performance Policy — Item Not Received Rate

Starting from July 24, 2023, eBay will launch the Shipping Performance Policy – Item Not Received Rate.

Sellers with a higher than market average “Item not received” rate may be subject to a range of actions, such as eBay ending or removing your listings, enforcing buying or selling restrictions, adjusting your selling limits and/or suspending all relevant accounts.


From March 1st 2023, Final value fee on ebay.de is 0% for C2C sellers residing within the EEA

As a private seller, you can now benefit from a 0% Final value fee on all items listed on ebay.de, in addition to the standard 3% International selling fee.


EU VAT on Digital Delivered Goods

From February 7, 2023, eBay will began collecting VAT for Digital Delivered Goods (DDG) sold on eBay to buyers located in the EU. eBay remits this VAT to the appropriate Tax Authorities via EU OSS system.

2023 Summer seller update

  • More seller resources for resolving issues with unpaid items
  • Improved payment dispute experience
  • Added report button for inappropriate messages from members
  • Keeping your listings compliant with EU and UK regulations
  • Important details about eBay International Shipping
  • New Promoted Listings Standard features
2023 Summer seller update

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Are your items popular with buyers in certain countries, such as the United Kingdom or Germany? Place your listings on local eBay sites to rank them up in the search results in your target country. You can sell items on ebay.com.au (Australia), ebay.de (Germany), ebay.co.uk (UK), ebay.fr (France), ebay.it (Italy) and ebay.es (Spain). Read more about active international selling here.


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Adal Nawaz, Celtic Stuff

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