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Seller Protection

Seller Protection due to the COVID-19 pandemic 

eBay continues to monitor the world situation and to protect your seller performance and provide helpful information for your business. Сheck the current shipping status of the countries you’re interested in, news about delays in parcel deliveries, latest advice and recommendations from experts.


Important Update about UK VAT

Starting on 1 January 2021, the UK introduced a new model for imports. Depending on whether you have a business account registered on ebay.co.uk, there are different scenarios and actions for you. Read the article for more information:


International Shipping Status

Choose the country from the list and find all the details. Check the status of international shipping, as well as a brief description of how postal services work in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Information is updated daily.

Tip of the day

Did you know that eBay has a tool that allows you to “catch up” with shoppers who have added your item to their cart or tracking list? It is called Offer to Buyers. You can offer the buyer a personal discount on the item of interest and increase the likelihood of its sale. Read all about the benefits of the Offers to Buyers here

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COVID-19: Sellers Updates

We know that COVID-19 is creating unprecedented challenges for many eBay sellers, and here is the news about what we do to protect you.


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eBay Fall 2020 Seller Update

  • Updates in publishing listings and promotions
  • More monthly zero insertion fee listings for most sellers
  • Changes in eBay Money Back Guarantee
  • Changes in VAT import regulations for the UK and EU

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