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In celebration of eBay’s birthday, 25 sellers with the highest export potential will receive a completely sales-ready account with a free Premium or Anchor subscription.

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COVID-19: Sellers Updates

We know that COVID-19 is creating unprecedented challenges for many eBay sellers, and here is the news about what we do to protect you.

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eBay Fall 2020 Seller Update

  • Updates in publishing listings and promotions
  • More monthly zero insertion fee listings for most sellers
  • Changes in eBay Money Back Guarantee
  • Changes in VAT import regulations for the UK and EU
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eBaymag — Free eBay Tool for Sellers which helps you increase sales up to 40%* if:

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You have sales revenue $1,000 or more per month

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You list Good 'Til Cancelled Listings not the Auction-style ones

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*Based on the 2019 internal eBay survey.