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Pay for eBay selling costs with your linked Payoneer account

Now you can select your linked Payoneer account as your preferred payment method to cover eBay fees, refunds and other selling costs.


Changes to Promoted Listings Standard ad fees

Starting June 1, 2022, the ad fees of the Promoted Listings Standard service are calculated based on the total amount of the sale. Ad fee estimation is no longer available, because the buyer location and shipping costs may vary. To reflect those changes, eBay’s marketing program terms have been updated.

2022 October seller update

  • Improved messaging experience
  • Add videos to Storefront and listings
  • Building a repeat buyer business for your store
  • Promoted Listings updates
  • New eBay International Shipping service
  • EPR regulations in the French market
  • Guides for sellers to use UKCA/UKNI and CE markings in the UK market
  • Shipping and returns enhancements for SMB sellers in Germany
  • EU dispute fee removed
  • Annual Shop subscription on removed
  • Extra seller protections on
  • Detailed information on international updates
2022 October seller update.jpg

Tip of the day

Do you have lots of listings? It must be getting harder and harder to keep track of them manually. Have a look at the Reports tab in the Seller Hub. It is the update of the old File Exchange tool. Learn how to get access to the Reports and how to use this tool with maximum efficiency.


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"Our revenues have changed for the better over the last five years thanks to eBay"

Andrea Varga, Postcardsfantasy

“This platform made me believe in myself again and helped us build our new life despite all the difficulties.”

Andrew, falkon5599falkon5599

"eBay environment provides equal opportunities for all sellers around the world, which is vitally important for business in the developing markets"

Adal Nawaz, Celtic Stuff

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