Meet the winners of eBay Exporter of the Year 2023!

This year, the Exporter of the Year celebration was bigger than ever! For the first time the top 100 sellers from Europe, Middle East, India, Latin America & South East Asia came to one venue and shared their experience. It was an unprecedented event with partners thriving together — to celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit and success of eBay sellers, as well as their exporting excellence across the world.


Become an eBay seller

How to register an account to sell on eBay

Become an eBay seller


Service standard policy — bad buyer experience rate

eBay is committed to provide a trusted marketplace and a world-class customer experience. eBay therefore requires that sellers place great importance on buyers' experience and work hard on product and service quality control to reduce the bad buyer experience rate.


The German EEE Act (ElektroG)

When you sell items to buyers in Germany, you must follow the requirements of the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). eBay business sellers are obliged to be compliant with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE Directive), which was implemented in Germany via the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG).


Updates on seller protection for shipments to/from Israel

Due to the local situation in Israel that is affecting regional and international sellers, eBay is putting in place seller protections to reduce the impact these events will have on their accounts.


Updates on seller protection for shipments to/from Serbia

Due to the recent postal strike situation in Serbia that affected regional sellers, eBay is putting in place seller protections to reduce the impact it will have on their accounts.

Seasonal guide for eBay sellers

Get ready for peak seasons on eBay with our ultimate guide, your key to excelling in sales. Read seasonal sales tips and tricks from eBay professionals, download and print our handy checklists and succeed in high-demand times.

Inventory is the key

Tip of the day

Are your items popular with buyers in certain countries, such as the United Kingdom or Germany? Place your listings on local eBay sites to rank them up in the search results in your target country. You can sell items on ebay.com.au (Australia), ebay.de (Germany), ebay.co.uk (UK), ebay.fr (France), ebay.it (Italy) and ebay.es (Spain). Read more about active international selling here.

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What sellers are saying about eBay

"Our revenues have changed for the better over the last five years thanks to eBay"

Andrea Varga, Postcardsfantasy

“This platform made me believe in myself again and helped us build our new life despite all the difficulties.”

Andrew, falkon5599falkon5599

"eBay environment provides equal opportunities for all sellers around the world, which is vitally important for business in the developing markets"

Adal Nawaz, Celtic Stuff

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Sales revenue

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Items catalog

You have
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You are ready to ship your items worldwide

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