Sellers from Europe

Sellers from Europe

The heart and soul of eBay are the tens of millions of people that sell on our platform. They are a diverse, dedicated and endlessly passionate group of individuals. Some have faced adversity or doubt and overcome odds with eBay’s help, others have walked away from traditional careers to pursue their dream of becoming successful business owners. Come explore the stories that breathe color into our marketplace.

Deimante Sejonaite, Rolandas Tarnauskas, Ernesta Grigaravičiūtė

POPPRI Fashion Auctions, Lithuania

Exporter of the Year Award winner at The eBay Exporter of the Year 2021 Ceremony

Deimante Sejonaite, Rolandas Tarnauskas and Ernesta Grigaravičiūtė are a part of POPPRI Fashion Auctions, a platform that sells collection leftovers of world-famous fashion brands by auction. The company's story began in 2012 in the small town of Siesikai, Lithuania, with only 300 inhabitants. Having started off with only 30 employees, their team now includes 120 people. Their shop has 140K positive reviews over the last year and more than 400K happy customers from all over the world.

Deimante Sejonaite, Rolandas Tarnauskas, Ernesta Grigaravičiūtė.png

Andrea Pop

Ytu & Daughters, Romania

Rising Star Award winner at The eBay Exporter of the Year 2021 Ceremony

Andrea Pop is a part of a family business that creates musical instruments in the small Romanian town of Reghin. Her father has been an instrument maker for 35 years and for the last 25 years, he has run a business called Ytu Pop Strings, where his entire family is involved. He believes the main asset in his business is his daughter Andrea, who is a professional cello player and helps to adjust the sound and functionality of each instrument once it’s made. This company entered eBay only last year, but thanks to the platform, their instruments are already well-known and played across the world – in Europe, the United States, Canada, even Japan, and China.

Andreea Pop.png

Olgerdas Trakimas

ELART-PARTS, Lithuania

Widest sales geography Award winner at The eBay Exporter of the Year 2021 Ceremony

Olgerdas Trakimas is Head of Sales at Elart. A company started off in 1995 with engine repairs but eventually shifted to selling spare parts. The team has chosen eBay because they wanted to reach worldwide buyers, and they have succeeded greatly – now the company has clients in more than 149 countries around the world. Elart’s overseas sales account for 15% of the company’s total revenue growth. The team believes the secret to their success is always caring about customers’ needs.

Olgerdas Trakimas.png

Konstantinos Spiliadis

YouHerbIt_Hellas, Greece

Best customer service Award winner at The eBay Exporter of the Year 2021 Ceremony

Konstantinos Spiliadis is owner of YouHerbIt_Hellas store, which is located in Patra, Greece, and specializes in herbs, teas, spices and handmade olive oil soaps. He began to operate the company In 2011, together with his mother in the basement of his house. 10 years later Konstantinos’ business has 9 employees and receives 60-70 orders on a daily basis. YouHerbIt_Hellas is highly trusted by its customers – only last year the team received 2,500 positive reviews. Konstantinos shares the universal secret of his success: “The common language we have with all our customers is respect, honesty, and understanding, which translates very easily into all languages.”

Konstantinos Spiliadis.png

Olga Svobodova

ScaraBeads, Czech Republic

Sellers’ Choice Award winner at The eBay Exporter of the Year 2021 Ceremony

Olga was a housewife and a mother, who strived for self-fulfillment, professional development, and financial independence. 10 years ago, she started selling Czech beads on eBay. Back then, her business was basically a couple of boxes, which has now transformed into an office building with a warehouse.

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falkon5599falkon5599, Ukraine


Jacob Degn

jacodeg0, Denmark

Jacob Degn Portrait.png

Anel Sakić

IKRE, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Anel Sakić.png

Lilia Koleva

Crafts and Roses, Bulgaria


Stelios Anapolitakis

Stelios Motorradladen, Greece


Arnold Kinkal

Kinkal Brass, Czech Republic


Andrea Varga

Postcardsfantasy, Cluj, Romania


Barna Sooki

Cycle Machine Works, Hungary


Oskars Pūne, Latvia


Mete Aydin

BMA Medical, Bulgaria


Nikolaos Stavroulakis

Jeep Antallaktika, Greece