Changes to Promoted Listings Standard ad fees

eBay has changed the way ad fees are calculated for Promoted Listings Standard campaigns. To reflect those changes, eBay’s Marketing Program Terms have been updated.

Starting June 1, 2022, Promoted Listings Standard ad fees are based on the total amount of the sale, which includes taxes, shipping costs and other applicable fees in addition to the final price of an item. It is the same value that is used to calculate final value fees. Prior to this date, ad fees were determined based on the final item price.

What has changed for sellers:

  • Ad fees are calculated when you make a final sale;
  • The Ad Fees estimation feature is now unavailable because the new ad rate calculation includes variables. Shipping costs depend on buyer location, so it is impossible to determine the total amount of the sale in advance.

Sellers can view their Promoted Listings Standard ad fees on the Payments tab of Seller Hub, in the Transactions section. The ad fees amount is also available in the sales report.

In view of these changes, eBay has updated its Marketing Program Terms. Now this document includes the information about the new ad fee calculation and clarifies several other terms related to eBay marketing programs. The updated terms of service are available on this page (effective since June 1, 2022).