Seller Hub: your business control center

Manage, review and grow your business with one free tool

Seller Hub is where you go to manage your eBay selling activity and see how your business is performing. It’s free to use, consolidates all eBay selling tools into one location, and gives you useful data and recommendations to help you grow your eBay sales.

Manage, review and grow your business with one free tool

With Seller Hub you can


Manage your listings

Find all the listing, reporting, and order management functionality here


Monitor your business

Create custom dashboards to track listing activities, sales, costs, traffic data, and more


View payouts

View previous payouts, find out when you'll receive your next payout, and check if you've any funds on hold

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Analyse business performance

Receive personalized insights, as well as tips to improve your business

Using Seller Hub

To use Seller Hub, you'll need to have had at least one sale:

  • Sign in with your eBay username and password
  • Then go to Seller Hub by clicking Selling in the My eBay menu (if you have already opted-in) or using this link

You can switch back to My eBay Selling at any time by clicking Opt out of Seller Hub in the upper-right corner of the tool's home page. There you can also find quick links to Messages and Seller Help.

Using eBay Seller Hub


The Seller Hub is organised by tabs so it’s easy to navigate:

Overview tab


Seller Hub’s homepage looks like a dashboard of elements, a personalised snapshot of how your eBay business is performing — this is the Overview tab. There are 15 modules on this page that you can tailor to display information that’s most important to you: your Tasks, Orders, Listings, and Feedback, along with instant access to frequently used actions and selling tools.

On your first visit to the Overview tab pay attention to a customization option designed for you to set up the order of elements or remove those that you do not need. Check the boxes with relevant elements to create the most informative dashboard. When you’re ready, click the I’m done button below or the Stop customizing link above. You can return at any time to the setting process by clicking the Customize button.

Go to your Overview tab

Valuable insights

Keep an eye on the "Promotional offers" section for any listing or selling offers you can apply to your business.

How to use the Overview tab in Seller Hub

Orders tab

Here you can find all the the information on current or recent orders — all your selling activity is on one screen. View orders within a specific time period, use smart search function with different parameters, or filter by: awaiting payment, awaiting shipment, paid and shipped, archived. You can easily download the orders report from the Manage orders page by selecting Download report at the top right of the table.

A separate section allows you to manage cancellations, returns, requests and disputes, as well as print shipping labels and upload tracking.

In the Orders tab, you can also set up rules for managing returns and automating feedback.

Go to your Orders tab

Learn more How to use the Orders tab in Seller Hub

How to download orders reports in Seller Hub

Listings tab

From this tab you can create, monitor and manage listings:

  • Enter all of your information into a streamlined listing form
  • Add photos directly to your listing
  • Easily add variations for multi-variation listings
  • Update multiple listings at once with the bulk editing features
  • Save up to 5,000 drafts or scheduled listings (through the eBay mobile app — up to 250)
  • View a high-level summary of your listings with the Search and Summary modules at the top of the page
  • Customize the Active listings page with just a few clicks
  • Save and manage up to 50 listing templates
  • Create business policy settings

Go to your Listings tab

How to use the Listings tab in Seller Hub

Marketing tab

This tab offers you a full range of tools to build your brand, attract more buyers, increase loyalty, and sell more per visit:

  • Create promotional campaigns and special offers including Markdown sales
  • Launch Promoted Listings to boost your items’ visibility
  • Create and manage buyer groups for personalized promotions
  • Connect your eBay account to your social platforms in just a few clicks — and increase reach and marketing potential
  • Get access to detailed promotional campaigns metrics to track and analyse their performance from the one page — the Advertising dashboard

Please note that some tools are only available to eBay Store subscribers.

Go to your Marketing tab

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Store tab

If you have an eBay Store subscription, this tab allows you to manage all its aspects:

  • Edit or cancel your subscription
  • Set up Store categories
  • Customize your Store layout
  • Review your Store traffic stats
  • Get tips on optimizing your Store's performance
  • Promote your Store, f.e. with Store newsletters

Go to your Store tab

All about eBay Stores

Performance tab

This tab let you understand your business performance:

  • See the quick summary of your business efficiency
  • Control your current Seller level
  • Monitor measurable efficiency data for your eBay business
  • Generate and download sales reports
  • Review your traffic data and download active listings traffic reports
  • See the Service metrics dashboard to compare your service level to other sellers with a similar selling profile

Go to your Performance tab

How to use the Performance tab in Seller Hub

Payments tab

This tab is the place your can monitor and manage your eBay payouts, expenses and transaction reporting:

  • Track of all the transactions and payouts you receive with the help of different filters and search options
  • Find detailed financial information and download your Transaction report, Payout report, Tax invoice, and Financial statement
  • See your eBay tax documents from the past year, and a custom guide to help you navigate them

Go to your Payments tab

How to use the Payments tab in Seller Hub

Research tab

Directly from the Research tab, all sellers can take advantage of Terapeak research tools to get insights on what to sell, when to sell, and how to sell on eBay.

With free Terapeak Product Research, you can find out what your competitors are doing, how they’re doing it, and how you can improve your own listings on eBay.

Terapeak Sourcing Insights are available to qualifying seller Store subscribers and allow to:

  • Access real-world sales data for every eBay Category
  • Analyze markets, categories, and product performance to find out what to sell next
  • Identify top item specific combination to get detailed insights into buyer demand and market inventory gaps

Go to your Research tab

How to use the Research tab in Seller Hub

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Reports tab

This tab allows you optimize your business with file based (CSV/XLSX) reports & templates:

  • Utilize file uploads to update your listings and orders in a fraction of time
  • Download reports for audits, insights, and work offline at your convenience
  • Automate your reports and streamline daily activities

Go to your Reports tab

How to use Seller Hub Reports

How to upload your listings in a bulk using Reports tab