How to set up and change your payment method for fees and selling costs

Why you need a valid payment method

Your fees and other selling costs are automatically deducted from your sales proceeds. However, you’ll need to set up a valid payment method to cover your selling costs in case your sales proceeds are insufficient.

eBay'll charge your on-file payment method within 14 days if your funds are insufficient. eBay may add up the amounts you owe into a single charge.

If your payment method for selling costs is declined, eBay may suspend or place a hold on your account until the outstanding amount is paid in full.

If you haven’t selected a payment method for selling costs, or if your payment is unsuccessful, eBay may attempt to charge another on-file payment method for any outstanding amount you owe it.

Set up a preferred payment method for selling costs to avoid any account problems.

What are selling costs

Selling costs include your selling fees and other charges, and may include but are not limited to:

How to add or update your payment method for selling costs

You can add or update a payment method to pay your selling costs, and choose it as your preferred method.

How to add a new payment method

To add a new payment method for selling costs:

1. Go to Payments in My eBay.

2. Select Add payment option.


3. Under Select payment option, select Credit card or Bank account.

  • Your options may vary according to your location.

4. Select Continue.

  • For a credit card, enter your credit card information, and select Continue
  • For a bank account, you’ll be prompted to link your bank account, sign in or enter your bank details, confirm your bank details, and select Continue

5. Select Preferred for selling costs, and then select Add.

  • If you don’t want this to be your preferred payment method, skip this step

How to select an existing payment method as your preferred one

To select one of your existing payment methods as your preferred method for selling costs:

1. Go to Payments in My eBay.

2. Under Payment options, select Manage beneath the on-file payment method you would like to use.

3. Select Preferred for selling costs.

4. Select Done.

If an on-file payment method doesn’t have Manage as an option, this could be because it is not eligible as a preferred payment method or has expired.

How to change how your refunds are funded

To change your preferred refund method in case you don’t have enough Available, Processing, and On hold funds, follow the steps below:

1. Locate the order in Seller Hub or My eBay.

2. Select Send Refund, or view the Cancellation, Return, or Item Not Received request.

3. Select Change how you’re charged.

4. Select your preferred payment method and select Save.

The saved payment method will be used for any future charges. If your preferred payment method is unsuccessful, eBay'll charge the amount you owe to your other on-file payment method.

If eBay needs to remove your payment method for any reason and you do not have another on-file payment method to cover your selling costs, you’ll need to add a new payment method.

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