How to Set up Your Shipping Options: Step-by-step Guide

How to start setting up Shipping options

Before setting up shipping on eBay, define its options and cost.

Shipping options or Shipping policy define handling times, shipping costs and other options that you offer to buyers.

Check what international shipping services are available in your city and what shipping methods they offer. Then calculate how much the shipping of your items will cost depending on their weight and the intended region or country of destination. Finally, evaluate the shipping times offered by international shipping services.

Offer buyers the Economy shipping by default — 11-23 business days. Offer it as free shipping for buyers by including shipping costs in the item price. 

In addition, offer at least one option for Expedited Shipping, at extra cost. Expedited Shipping usually takes up to 10 business days.

After you have defined the shipping options and cost which are acceptable to you, go to the Sell Your Item template to set up shipping options.

You can also set up your shipping options in the Listing Template section > Business Policy section of eBay Seller Hub or in My eBay account settings.

Setting up your shipping options using Sell your Item template

On the Sell your Item page, scroll down to the Shipping details section.

ebay.com is a US e-commerce site, so the Domestic shipping section defines the shipping options within the United States and to the United States from other countries. Setting on options in this section by default is mandatory for all sellers who create listings on ebay.com.

The International shipping section helps you set up shipping options to all other countries in the world.