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Searching for professional solutions to upgrade your business? Choose the service you need and contact an eBay partner directly — wide range of solutions provided, from logistics and consulting services to account and sales management.



VAT experts anywhere you go

Single Point of Contact for tax compliance
Global Presence
Appointed Account Manager

True all-in-one solution for eBay sellers.

Feature-rich helpdesk system with automation
Complete solution for listing management
Professional approach to listing design

Automate and simplify your order processing, create Batch labels, add tracking numbers to eBay, and mark as shipped for all orders with just 2 clicks through the A1POST integrated platform. 

Integration with eBay
Fulfillment of all pending orders with a click of a button 
Shipping worldwide

AS "Citadele banka"

Citadele bank's mission is to modernize the financial market and provide more opportunities for private individuals and businesses in the Baltic States. Citadele aims to become the primary bank of choice for aspiring retail and small business customers, and will continue to improve products and services for clients in the corporate and leasing segments.

We create opportunities
We find solutions for every client
We see people first

Aftersalespro is a one-stop solution (SaaS) that allows you to create and manage shipments sent through all known courier companies. The application is designed to facilitate integrations to all known e-commerce platforms directly using the API system of more than 35 courier companies. Among other things, it supports bulk creation of vouchers, smart tracking (real-time), viber or sms messages to the recipient, multi-courier functionalities, as well as many other functions that improve the operations of a retail business. 

Shipments automation
Shipping cost reduction
Orders Control Tower for Omni-channel sales

Global provider of comprehensive logistics and transportation solutions

International & domestic express delivery
Freight forwarding
Logistics & warehousing
Supply chain management
E-commerce management services

BIZ Courier & Logistics SA

A very dynamic 3PL company with Pan-European focus and an international reach. BIZ Courier & Logistics invests in technology applications to provide fast, simple, customised, integrated solutions to its customers. Orders uploaded to the system (until 15:00 local time) are prepared & dispatched on the same day, while the average shipping time to the final recipient is 1-2 business days domestically, and 1-5 internationally.

One-stop shop for many countries

The world’s leading omnichannel solution

Connect to any global Amazon, eBay, Walmart or Google sales channel directly from your online store
Create and manage listings in bulk
Full real-time sync for pricing, inventory, orders and product details

Crazy Vendor

Streamline and increase the efficiency of your business through the automation of all operations, from managing orders to invoicing.

Order management from multiple platforms
Generating shipping labels from the best-known shipping companies
Making workflow much faster with high-tech automation

DHL Express is a leading global brand in the logistics industry.

Door to door
High quality service

DHL Express (Czech Republic) s.r.o.

A leading global brand in the logistics industry

High quality service

DHL Express (Hellas) SA

DHL Express (Hellas) has been operating in Greece since 1978 and currently has a market share of over 61%. It is the only company in the industry to be based at Athens International Airport, allowing it to optimize pick up and delivery times.

Door-to-door service
Express international shipments worldwide
Facilities at Athens International Airport El

DHL Express (Lithuania)

DHL Express is a leading global brand in the logistics industry. 

Door-to-door service 
Express international shipments worldwide  
Integration with eBay

DHL Express (United Arab Emirates)

Express customs and clearance reaching 220 countries worldwide

Warehousing & fulfillment
Analytics & insights that help you grow into new markets
No usage fees — only pay for the goods you send
Credit Terms of 21 days

DHL Express Perú

DHL Express is a leading global brand in the logistics industry.

Door to door service
Express international shipments (the quickest timeframes on the market)
Competitive prices

E-commerce delivery solutions for all major markets around the world.

Convenient and easy way to ship: one contract, one interface and tracking system providing access to many local delivery partners specializing in logistics services around the world
One API integration for all Direx services
eBay integration, carrier and tracking number verification, recognition on eBay and

What is Duolingo?

Duolingo is the world’s #1 language learning application, and is completely free. Their principal mission is to develop the world's best language education and make it universally available.

Learning languages with Duolingo is easy and effective because of the design of the courses that, through short and fun lessons, allows users to develop real-life communication skills. By combining the best of artificial intelligence and language science, the lessons adapt to the performance of each user to help them learn and achieve a level matching to their progress

Manage the inventory from your selected source store, and we’ll take care of all the rest.

Complete solution for multichannel sellers
Simple one-time setup
Fully customizable automation

FAN Courier is Romania's leading courier company since 2006, offering a full range of logistics services, from the supplier's warehouse to the recipient's address, including fulfillment solutions. With a fast and reliable own network distribution, both nationwide and in Central and Eastern Europe, FAN Courier is a trusted partner for more than 60,000 businesses.

Strong leader and the industry pioneer, with over 25 years of experience
The best OTD (On-Time Delivery) rate for 24h deliveries in local market
The lowest return rate in local market
The most extensive PickUp and DropOff (PUDO) network in Romania
The most fast growing network throughout CEE

FZCO Accountants

Сross-border VAT registration, filing, tax compliance
and accounting services by professional team. 

Fully dedicated team members and consultants with varied backgrounds as global VAT/sales tax experts
Simple and practical approach to tax compliance for all the cross-border marketplace retailers
Pre-build integrations with ecommerce platforms and secure cloud-based VAT software

Multi-channel eCommerce software and design specialist

World-leading eBay listing design
eBay listing, optimization and management
eBay advertising for Promoted listings campaign types

GloberTop — eBay Business Solutions

A team of eBay platform experts whose mission is to exceed customers' expectations by maintaining the highest standards of probity and ethics with a motivated and highly talented team of eBay professionals.

Experts who provide full-service eBay account management to busy e-commerce entrepreneurs
Variety of services which can be provided
Flexibility and custom solutions according to the clients' needs

Hellenic Technologies top vetted designers, developers, and digital marketers can help you integrate your eCommerce platform to the massive eBay marketplace so you can start selling to 133 million active buyers across 190 countries.

Best experts in integrating the eBay marketplace with e-commerce businesses
Top-rated growth eBay experts’ assistance in troubleshooting and account management, regardless of your business location 
Quick response time for eBay questions support in excellent English

InOut Trade Ltd.

One of the only European companies that is 100% specialized in logistics for e-commerce businesses.

One single logistics partner for fulfillment and deliveries to all EU destinations, providing a network of 10 fulfillment centers and over 30 courier companies
One single API integration and point of contact for all services covering 28 delivery destinations
Professional team that is fully specialized in e-commerce deliveries with more than 10 years of experience

LOVAT Compliance LTD

Tax compliance software for online sellers

Accurate VAT сalculation: you will never overpay VAT thanks to professionally set up software code considering all such factors as VAT rates and tax obligations of different countries
Online automatic filing: LOVAT don’t just calculate your taxes, it files them with the right government agencies everytime you submit them with all the confirmations provided
Never miss a filing deadline: automatic tax due reminders are set up for each country where you sell and need to report your VAT to be sure that you're staying VAT compliant

Nova Global

Nova Global, which is a part of Nova a group of companies, create products and digital delivery solutions for business and personal life; our key focus is the global B2C cross-border market for eCommerce and marketplaces.

As a company, we also specialize in customizing solutions for local markets with a deep understanding of how to increase sales, AOV, or customer LTV. All create a better customer experience in a specific country or region.

Nova Global's logistics solutions enable our partners to expand their business to any country through a single global API platform. Our regular intercontinental line hauls provide fast and reliable delivery between America, Europe, the United Kingdom, China, and Ukraine.

Low prices for ecommerce
Warehousing to door service (more than 10 thousand offices)
Real-time order tracking

Noverstock is a multi-channel e-commerce platform that helps you streamline your business operations in an efficient manner. We give online sellers the ability to run all aspects of their online retail business from a single centralized location.

Flexible ERP system — helping sellers sell on multiple platforms and marketplaces
Ability to integrate all your business stakeholders (including shipping carriers, suppliers, warehouse partners, etc.)
Profitability calculator — helping sellers optimize their selling price and increase their profits

OneChannelAdmin is the No.1 e-commerce management platform. Our end-to-end e-commerce solutions are tailored to help brands and retailers easily manage their marketplaces, listings, catalog, inventory, product data, advanced business rules, orders, returns, and more on a single modern platform. 

Centralizing operations and producing better reporting and product intelligence
Automating processes and increasing fulfillment accuracy
Enabling brands, retailers, and brick & mortar stores to automatically list products on eBay

Ovoko aims to make selling used car parts easier than ever before. One of the pioneering forces in the market, Ovoko is the go-to platform for automotive sellers looking to find new markets, as well as enhancing their businesses with smart order management, sales and logistics tools.

Intuitive used parts digitalization and warehousing software
Seamless order management tool
Integrated shipping solution

A comprehensive solution for your shipments.

Personalized attention with recommendations of your best shipping options
Digital shipping platform (shipment generation, tracking and monitoring, control until delivery)
Opportunity to pack and ship anything from Mexico to the rest of the world

Post ONE is the oldest B2C shipping consolidator in Bulgaria. We have 10+ years of experience delivering parcels abroad.

Best delivery service to the USA
Own next-day line hauls to major EU markets
One-stop shop for all types of delivery needed

Propars is an integration platform that enables businesses to manage their e-commerce processes end-to-end on the world's largest marketplaces such as Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, and offers powerful and simple solutions for their needs such as product info and catalog management, stock and price tracking, inventory management, product globalization and localization, order management and other various tools.

Seamless product uploading and stock tracking across marketplaces
Instant Onboarding
Translation of listings for different marketplaces

Used parts management and sales system.

User-friendly interface

Segmail S.A. de C.V.

We are a third party logistics (transportation, storage and shipping) company driven by technology that offers the best logistics solutions to benefit your business. You’ll find the widest range of tailored services from fulfillment to last mile delivery, as well as domestic and international shipping. 

Preferential rates for eBay sellers
Order automation
Personalized attention from an Account Executive by Segmail

Shapes Defined Photographic Trading LLC

Shapes Defined Photography Studio is the largest studio and leader in eCommerce photography in the Middle East with over 4 Million images and videos successfully delivered to clients. Shapes Defined uses high-volume automation, industry-leading robotic equipment and technology to capture high-quality product images more efficiently than traditional photography processes.

50% discount for eBay sellers on our e-commerce and creative shoot
24H to 48H Image Delivery
Competitive and Transparent Prices
Quality Control and Consistency

ShipEntegra is a leading provider of international logistics solutions for cross-border e-commerce industries: from Turkey to more than 220 countries worldwide.

Lower shipping rates
Customised shipping services
Real-time order tracking
Speedy delivery
Inventory management
Efficient returns management
Insurance plans

ShipReady is famous for its ability to produce fast solutions and provides services to its customers engaged in e-commerce at the shipping their products expressly from Turkey to all over the world. In addition, by means of integrations with online marketplaces, it provides software support for its customers to carry out the logistics processes of their orders more easily and impeccable.

Door to door service
High Quality Service
Unconditional Customer Satisfaction

ShopiVerse is an advanced global marketplace solution designed to facilitate smooth integrations with a wide range of e-commerce platforms and more than 50 international warehouses.

As a comprehensive e-commerce fulfillment initiative, it enables users to efficiently manage inventory and logistics across multiple warehouses situated in different countries, all from one centralized dashboard. 

This detailed approach to global e-commerce management greatly enhances the user experience and simplifies the complexities of international inventory control.

Streamlined inventory and order management: ShopiVerse simplifies the management of products across multiple warehouses and international marketplaces by allowing users to easily upload products, set prices, and track inventory from a single dashboard.
Seamless integration and automation: with features such as automatic currency conversion, integrated e-commerce logistics, and accounting, ShopiVerse ensures smooth operations for sellers, enabling them to save time and money while expanding their businesses globally.
Comprehensive cross-border e-commerce support: ShopiVerse offers end-to-end assistance for businesses entering the US, UK and EU markets, handling everything from incorporation and bank account setup to marketplace integration, warehouse operations, and staffing, making it easier for sellers to succeed in new markets.

The leading last mile courier service company in Bulgaria, part of DPDgroup.


VAT compliance solutions that cater for all business types

Quick VAT registrations with local tax experts in each EU jurisdiction
Instant VAT calculations that can get your VAT returns ready for submission in less than a minute
24/7 customer care with live chat function

UAB "Pigu Perku Group"

Our company offers professional retail and transportation services to businesses, including a one of the most popular parcel forwarding platform in the Baltic States. We strive to meet the needs of our business clients with the highest level of professionalism and attention to detail.

Return adress
Parcels' delivery

An international VAT consulting and technology company

Centralized foreign VAT compliance
Dedicated Account Manager
Workflow / High-level management through suite of secure cloud-based VAT software

Xobo studio LTD

An automated packshot photography studio


ZoneSmart Distribution LLC

As an official eBay service provider, ZoneSmart considers eBay sellers to be an important part of its e-commerce community. ZoneSmart Web App was launched in 2016 and it enables the customers to connect your CRM/CMS with your eBay seller account. You'll be able to streamline your workflow, create your listings in bulk, set up stock sync and download your orders.

NEW: ZoneSmart Fulfillment has been integrated into ZoneSmart WebApp. All your eBay orders can be handed over to ZoneSmart fulfillment center directly and tracking information will be updated on eBay automatically.

1-day handling time
Fast USPS/UPS/FedEx delivery
Corporate shipping discounts
No out-of-stock cancellations
Item location in Delaware, US.
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