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Top selling items for this holiday season

For many people, the holiday season is synonymous to the good old tradition of gift-giving. If you want to enrich your inventory with seasonal items, adding popular gifts is one of the most advantageous strategies. In this article, you will find eBay’s best selling items from different categories: toys, gadgets, apparel, footwear, homeware products, and more. Read on to find inspiration for your eBay business!

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Gifts for kids

Have your children been good all this year? It doesn’t actually matter because all the parents in the world love their children and are eager to shower them with gifts. eBay’s recent survey has revealed that 79% of eBay shoppers are likely to shop the Toys category this holiday season! The marketplace offers an immense variety of toys, games, and other stuff that kids will totally love — action figures, collectible card games, dolls, bears, remote control vehicles, board games, art supplies, and DIY kits. You can benefit from the seasonal demand by including the best selling toys and games into your eBay inventory. Let’s make this holiday season truly festive and profitable!

Gifts for tech lovers

eBay has long been recognized as a reliable platform for selling and buying electronics — it’s a real treasure trove of latest gadgets and tech accessories. Buyers come here to look for top notch smartphones and smartwatches, sleek noise-canceling earbuds, smart home devices, immersive virtual reality gear, video game consoles, digital cameras, and drones. Many gift shoppers are eagerly waiting for holiday season discounts on gadgets, and you can increase your sales by catering to their needs.

Sporting goods

New Year’s resolutions traditionally include “taking up exercise” or “exercising more”. Probably that’s why activewear and sports equipment are usually among holiday season best sellers. Buyers are searching for sportswear, sneakers, outdoor adventure gear, team sports equipment, and more. Thanks to eBay’s Authenticity Guarantee, sneakerheads can rest assured that they buy authentic sports footwear!

Gifts for kitchen and cooking

Another popular type of gifts are kitchenware and cookware. During holidays, many buyers enjoy indulging in delicious self-prepared food. Cooking is also a preferred holiday pastime for families with kids. Making a tasty dessert together is a wonderful bonding time, be that gingerbread cookies, cupcakes, spiced pecan pie bars, a cheesecake or any other holiday treat. By the way, tableware sets with seasonal motifs are also a popular gift. When all the family gathers together around the dinner table, beautifully designed plates and cups contribute to the overall holiday spirit.

Beauty products

Cosmetics and beauty products are a popular gift for those who value self-care and engage in this relaxing activity during the holiday season. Many buyers also use pre-holiday sales to stock up beauty products for themselves. Makeup, skincare, hair products and styling tools, skincare creams and serums, anti-age cosmetics, fragrances for men and women — all these items are in great demand. Encourage buyers to pamper themselves amidst the urban hustle, and many of them will happily follow your advice.

Fashion and jewelry

The holiday season is the period when everyone wants to look their best. Customers come to eBay looking for trending clothes, stylish footwear and chic jewelry pieces, which will add some flair to their festive attire. There is also seasonal demand for cold weather clothing: down jackets, thermal wear, touchscreen gloves, winter hats and boots. And how about traditional Christmas gifts, such as the so-called “ugly sweaters” and warm ornamented socks? You can easily sell them on eBay as well!

Christmas-themed products

Decorating your home with seasonal decor and attributes is an integral part of almost any holiday. Festive decor creates a warm and joyous atmosphere, enhances the holiday spirit, and fills our hearts with delight. Lots of buyers are looking for artificial spruce garlands, Christmas trees and wreaths, cozy string lights, glowing and sparkling decorations that revive sweet childhood memories.


This year, books are among popular gifts again. Buyers are interested in various kinds of books: newest bestsellers, classic novels, captivating thrillers, and beautifully illustrated children's tales. In the world of tech and multimedia content, many people still cherish the joy of discovery, moments of quiet reflection and intellectual exploration provided by literature.

Gifts for pets

Responsible and loving pet parents never forget about their furry companions, especially during gift shopping. That’s why the demand for pet supplies is quite stable on e-commerce platforms. Buyers regularly order pet food, health supplements, flea and tick medications, cat litter, dog leashes, collars, and other products that ensure the best quality of life for both pets and pet owners. But the holiday season is the time for special pet gifts: comfy beds, luxury houses, fun toys, and gourmet treats.


The art of photography is steadily gaining popularity with consumers of all ages. No wonder cameras remain in great demand, especially during holidays! These devices make fabulous gifts that enable the owner to capture cherished moments and transform ordinary things into works of art. eBay sellers offer all kinds of cameras (DSLR, mirrorless, film cameras) and accessories necessary for outstanding photography.

Video games 

Did you know that video games are not only for kids? Lots of grown-up men find joy in this activity, taking respite from the worries of adult life. And they are more than capable of buying trending games and iconic consoles. Consider tapping into this audience and adding best-selling video games to your inventory: they are consistently loved by buyers.

How to inspire your buyers

Interestingly, finding the right present has become a tough challenge for many shoppers. Despite the abundance of various goods, buyers may struggle to find something that would bring true joy and delight to the gift recipient. That’s why they are willing to source ideas from eBay ads and sellers’ newsletters. So, if you want to attract and inspire gift shoppers, promote your flagship items, make posts about your new arrivals on social media, and send Store newsletters with gift ideas. Focus less on discounts and more on the experiences that come with them: a marvelous china set for a heartwarming family feast, a beautiful magenta dress for a fun party, or an arts-and-crafts kit to spend quality time with your kids [1].

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