Quick setup for Promoted Listings Advanced

eBay has heard sellers' feedback on wanting a simpler way to create new Advanced campaigns and excited to announce the launch of Quick setup feature. With just a few clicks, it’s now easier than ever to create a Promoted Listings Advanced campaign.

A special algorithm helps with the campaign setup and optimizes the campaign structure, based on best practices.

How Quick setup works:

  • On the Advertising Dashboard in the Seller Hub, select Create campaign in the Promoted Listings Advanced box.
  • Name your campaign, choose your budget and set your start and end dates.
  • Choose Quick setup and add your desired listings to the campaign.
  • eBay will take care of the rest of setup — organizing your listings into ad groups and selecting the suggested keywords, keyword match types and bids.
  • Finally, review and launch your campaign. Sellers do have the ability to make changes to the campaign in the review phase, if desired, before launching.