eBay services and tools to help a seller

Learn how eBay tools simplifies your listings management and increase sales. Read our eBaymag, Seller Hub and other business management services manuals.

According to surveys, 54% eBay sellers say their business grew in 2020, particularly those that utilized technology to optimize sales.

Terapeak: effective market research tools

A suite of exclusive eBay insights tools that allows you to track demand, supply, and price trends, capture real-world data on millions of eBay transactions, and effectively strategize your sales.

How to manage Time Away

You will need Time Away during holidays or breaks, if you don’t have any hired help, or if you can't handle orders for some reason. The Time Away settings are available to all sellers since 09.2020.

listings and logistics management tool

eBaymag is a free tool developed one platform to post listings on eBay international sites, manage orders and optimize shipping.

How to create and send newsletters to buyers

Email marketing is one of the most powerful ways of reaching out to customers and building a community of repeat buyers. If you're an eBay Store seller, you can easily create and send email campaigns to subscribers, followers, and past customers who've signed up to receive newsletters from your Store.

Teamwork on eBay: how to set up Multi-User Account Access

As the business grows and the number of orders increases, it becomes more difficult to maintain a high quality of service. On this page, you'll find a checklist that could help you figure out if it's time to hire an employee, along with instructions on how to set up Multi-User Account Access on eBay for collaboration.

Tools for trading cards sellers

Good news for CCG and trading cards lovers! Now you can upload your collections to eBay using preformatted CSV templates. The Price Guide will inform you about the current card prices.

Optimize your listings with the Listing Quality Report

The Listing Quality Report is a downloadable Excel document containing key information about your listing and category performance on eBay. It gives recommendations on how to boost views, impressions and sales.

How to create buyer groups

Make the most of your promotions with the tool which allows you to segment your buyers to drive more repeat business.