Appeal a defect

If a defect on your account is eligible to be removed, eBay will automatically remove it within 72 hours. If the defect isn’t removed automatically, you may be able to appeal, depending on the circumstances.

Looking to appeal the decision after eBay has stepped in to help resolve an issue between you and your buyer? Read more on appealing a decision about a missing item for sellers.

Automatic defect removal

eBay automatically removes defects in certain situations, including where the buyer is found to be at fault, if the problem was caused by an eBay site issue, or if there was an issue outside of your control like shipping service delays, or items being delayed because of an extreme weather event.

eBay automatically removes defects, adjusts your late shipment rate, and removes feedback when:

  • The buyer didn't pay for an order and you canceled it using Buyer hasn't paid as the reason.
  • The defect, feedback, or late shipment was the direct result of an eBay site issue or program error.
  • The delivery estimate shown in the listing was shortened, but tracking shows the item was delivered by the carrier's longest delivery estimate.
  • eBay takes action against a buyer for violating the Abusive buyer policy.
  • eBay takes action to close an eBay Money Back Guarantee case or appeal request in favor of the seller.
  • eBay instructs you to hold a shipment or take action to cancel the transaction.
  • eBay can determine through valid tracking that the defect, feedback, or late shipment was the direct result of systemic delays in shipping or communication. Examples include wide-scale shipping carrier delays, items stuck in customs, or power outages due to extreme weather. Actual qualifying events are listed on the announcement board.

In these circumstances, the defect will be removed from your account within 72 hours, so you won’t need to contact eBay.

❌ The following scenarios aren't eligible for removal:

  • eBay may remove a feedback comment that violates eBay policy, such as containing profanity or links, but the feedback rating or any defects aren't necessarily removed.
  • Late shipment appeals for transactions without tracking to verify on-time order fulfillment or delivery.

To learn how sellers are protected on eBay, read our Seller protection article.

⚠️ Manual review

There are some circumstances where a defect, feedback, or late shipment can be manually reviewed. Sellers may appeal in these cases, but must make the request within 90 days of the transaction.

Examples include:

  • You upload tracking, prior to the defect occurring, that confirms the item was shipped within the handling time or the item was delivered by the latest estimated delivery date, but the late shipment rate wasn't automatically updated because the tracking isn't integrated with eBay
  • In cases where there is an attempted delivery, eBay considers this "delivered" for the purposes of adjusting late shipment rate or removing feedback
  • The feedback comment contained inappropriate content (such as profanity) as described in eBay’s Member-to-member contact policy. While inappropriate comments will be removed, the rating will remain

Appeal a defect

If you have a defect that can't be removed automatically, you can visit Seller Help. Seller Help is a tool for sellers to resolve issues related to returns, cases, defects, and feedback left by buyers.

In Seller Help, you can send an online request to have transaction defects reviewed for removal. Here's how:

  1. Go to Seller Help and select Request assistance.
  2. Select Appeal a defect.
  3. Choose the item you want us to review.
  4. Tell us why, then select Send request.

We'll review defects and feedback for removal if any of the following circumstances apply:

  • The buyer opened the request by mistake
  • Tracking was uploaded and shows that the acceptance scan is within your handling time
  • Tracking was uploaded and shows that the item was delivered to the buyer’s address within the stated estimated delivery date. If the order’s total cost (total of item(s), shipping and tax) is 750 USD (750 CAD/AUD or 450 GBP or 550 EUR or more, depending on the international site you are selling, signature confirmation is required
  • An item sent through eBay International Shipping arrived on time to the processing center but was delayed in international shipping, or the buyer never received it
  • The transaction was canceled by eBay or eBay International Shipping 
  • You have proof that a returned item was delivered to the wrong address

Tip. Visit Seller Help to manage any defects or improper feedback you received for items you've sold.

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