Item not received cases

What are the cases on eBay?

Cases are a way to communicate and resolve a dispute between buyer and seller when they have a problem with a transaction. This may include, for example, situations when the buyer has not paid for the items or has not received them.


Communication with the buyer before he or she asks eBay to open a case is the best way to try to resolve the issue. So keep an eye out for messages from your buyers and respond promptly.

It is important to distinguish between a request and a case. When a buyer (or a seller) notifies the second member of the transaction through the Conflict Resolution Center that there is a problem, a request is opened. A request becomes a case when a member (seller or buyer) asks eBay to step in and help.

There are situations where both the seller and the buyer can open a request.

A Buyer can open a request if:

  • He or she hasn't received item yet.
  • He or she has received an item that does not match the seller's description.

A Seller can open a request if:

To open a request and communicate both seller and buyer should use the Conflict Resolution Centre.

How Item not received cases are managed

An Item not received case happens when 3 things occur in a transaction:

  • The buyer paid for an item.
  • The item was not delivered to the buyer by its delivery date.
  • The seller couldn't or didn't provide valid proof of delivery.


Make sure you upload tracking information to the transaction. Specify it in the transaction, or even better — duplicate it in a message to the buyer. This allows the buyer to track the package. If you don’t upload the tracking information with proof of shipping within the Estimated Delivery Date, it could result in a case closed against you. If уоu add а tracking number in Му еВау after а request or case is dosed, it isn’t considered in eBay’s review. This includes appeals.

How Item not received cases are managed:

1. The Buyer opens a request — he or she notifies the seller that they haven't received the item they purchased.

2. The Seller has to resolve the issue within three business days. There are a number of ways you can respond to the buyer’s request. You can:

  • Provide tracking (An Item not received case will auto-close after 24 hours once tracking shows valid delivery).
  • Issue a full refund.
  • Send a message.
  • Offer to send a replacement item.

3. If the buyer can't reach a resolution with the seller, they can ask eBay to step in and help. A request becomes a case.

4. eBay reviews the transaction and makes a decision. In these cases, there are 3 possible outcomes:

  • Buyer fault.
  • Seller fault.
  • eBay Makes it Right (buyer wins, no seller fault, case is not eligible for appeal, buyer received both a refund and the item). This outcome is usually possible in situations when the buyer has not received the item but it is not the seller's fault. In this case, eBay resolves the issue itself by refunding the buyer.

5. If the member who lost the Item not received case disagrees with the outcome, they can appeal the decision. The appeal is reviewed by eBay to determine if the original case adjudication was correct.

If a buyer doesn't receive an item, the eBay Money Back Guarantee ensures they receive the item or a refund.


Please, keep in mind that you should respond to buyer questions within three business days.

How to avoid Item not received cases

  • Ensure that the estimated delivery date is accurate when listing an item
  • Be sure to ship to the address listed in checkout
  • Use a shipping service that includes tracking
  • Ship the item within the estimated handling time in your listing
  • Upload tracking as soon as you ship the item
  • Promptly contact the buyer if any issues come up
  • Respond to any buyer messages in a timely manner
  • Consider adding insurance so that you’re covered if the item is lost in transit
  • For high value items (750 USD/CAD/GBP/AUD or 1,000 EUR or more, depending on the international site you are selling), use a shipping service that includes signature confirmation
  • Report any missing packages to the shipping carrier you used – they may be able to help


Consider using a shipping service which provides tracking information. Tracking information helps protect you if a buyer reports that they didn’t receive an item they purchased.

How to appeal eBay’s decision

If you don’t agree with the decision after eBay has stepped in to help resolve an issue between you and your buyer, you can appeal by providing new information within 30 days of the case being closed.

When you make an appeal, we’ll review the case and any new information you provide and come back to you with a final decision. We’ll normally get back to you within 48 hours, though occasionally it can take a little longer.

You’ll need to provide new, additional information to back up your appeal. This can include things like:

  • Tracking details showing the buyer received the item (if the item sold for more than $750, signature confirmation is required)
  • Proof the buyer received a refund before the case was closed

To start an appeal, follow these steps:

  • Go to your Seller Dashboard.
  • Expand Closed without seller resolution.
  • Select See cases and find the item in the list.
  • Select See details and then send us an appeal.

Cases and seller performance status

Defect cases can affect your Seller Performance Status.

The case counts as a defect only when:

  • You’re not able to resolve the issue with your buyer,
  • and eBay is asked to step in,
  • and eBay resolves the issue in favor of the buyer.

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