2023 Winter seller update

This winter, eBay is building on previous updates and continuing our ongoing work to make running and growing your business easier.

eBay is continuously investing in the marketplace to help you manage your business more efficiently, accelerate your sales velocity, and bring more buyers to you. Plus, eBay continues to invest heavily in advertising on Google and in other major media channels to bring more buyers to you at no additional cost. You probably saw and heard the popular “Let’s Ride” ads for eBay Motors.

eBay also invested in category-specific improvements in 2022 that bring more buyers to the platform and increase vibrancy across all categories. The team acquired TCGPlayer, which connects sellers with passionate collectors around the world; acquired myFitment, which assures buyers that the vehicle Parts & Accessories that they purchase will fit. In addition, eBay continues to make improvements that benefit all users. eBay doubled the number of free photos you can add to your listings — from 12 to 24 — and enabled you to upload videos to your Storefront and item pages at no cost to you.

Looking forward, the eBay team will continue to invest in buyer and seller experiences. In the 2023 Winter seller update, eBay is providing details about how it's moving closer toward the goal of eliminating unpaid items, and to help support enhancements it's making to the marketplace, it is announcing some changes to the fee structure.The marketplays is increasing some final value fees but no category will see greater than a 0.35% increase, and some optional listing upgrades will decrease. eBay is also further expanding the fee credit it gives you when you provide great service by fully refunding a buyer’s return.

Running your business

  • Continuing efforts to eliminate unpaid items
  • New experience for Best Offers submitting

Fees & financials

  • Final value fee adjustments in some categories
  • Expanding the per-order fee credit
  • Free and reduced-cost listing upgrades

More international updates

  • Free optional listing upgrades for the UK market
  • Final value fee changes in selected categories on the UK market
  • Fee update for UK sellers listing sneakers
  • UK Shop subscription benefits and fees
  • UK sellers whose performance level is Below Standard
  • Changes to Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) in Germany
  • Partial refund extension for DE sellers
  • Fee changes in selected categories on the DE market
  • Fee credit updates on the DE market
  • Detailed information on international updates