Seasonal guide for eBay sellers

The ultimate guide for eBay sellers to help you survive peak seasons and increase your sales.

Free, downloadable seasonal checklists

Seasonal sales tips and tricks in handy checklists. Download, print and start your busy season with a bang!

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Run marketing campaign

How to run long-term promotion campaign starting long before peak season. Buyers need time to notice your items, do some research on the Internet, and finally make the purchase decision.

Run marketing campaign

Inventory is the key: how to get ready for peak season

When everyone is busy with pumpkins and other Halloween decor, it’s time to stock up for Christmas. You won’t make the most out of the peak season shopping spree, if you are out of your best-selling products.

Seasonal guide

Excellent customer service during busy seasons

During periods of increased seasonal demand, many eBay sellers feel stressed and overwhelmed. Despite higher profits, the skyrocketing volume of orders may lead to customer disappointment, negative feedback, and declining service metrics. However, it’s totally within your power to avoid these pitfalls.

Shipping tips for the holiday season

Shipping challenges often undermine eBay sellers’ attempts to make the most out of the holiday season. If you want to prevent workflow bottlenecks, late deliveries, and customers’ dissatisfaction, make sure you are prepared for peak season shipping issues.

How to package seasonal products and decorate your Store

Unlike brick-and-mortar stores, eBay sellers can’t adorn their premises with seasonal decorations. But you can create festive vibes with the help of holiday packaging and Store customization. These tips will help you attract buyers’ attention and win their loyalty.

Top selling items for this holiday season

For many people, the holiday season is synonymous to the tradition of gift-giving. If you want to enrich your inventory with seasonal items, adding popular gifts is one of the most advantageous strategies. In this article, you will find the lists of eBay’s best selling presents: toys, gadgets, apparel, footwear, homeware products, and more.