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Your eBay Store

Get more out of selling with an eBay Store

Are you interested in creating an attractive branded storefront that delivers even better results for your eBay business while saving money with discounted fees? Then an eBay Store subscription is exactly what you need!

Whether you’re a business or a casual seller, with an eBay Store you'll get the right tools and benefits to help you grow your sales.

Your eBay Store

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With an eBay Store you can


Build your own brand

Attract new buyers and keep your regular customers with a unique URL and an enhanced homepage design to display your merchandise.


Save money

Get more zero insertion fee listings with an eBay Store and lower your upfront costs. Save up to 50% on final value fees compared to non-Store subscriber rates.

Effective selling

Boost your sales

Get access to exclusive marketing and promotion tools to boost traffic and help your items stand out and sell. Build customer loyalty with newsletters, coupons, and more.


Explore the market

Get a competitive edge with complimentary access to Terapeak Sourcing Insights. This powerful data analysis and insights tool uses real-time eBay marketplace data.

5 subscription levels to choose from

There’s a Store for everybody! Which option is right for you? The proper subscription level depends on your goals and sales volume. Answer two simple questions to find the Store subscription option that perfectly suits your needs:

  • How many items do you plan to list each month?
  • Which description most closely matches your eBay selling?
1 – 500 items 501 – 10,000 items 10,000+ items
I’m a casual or hobbyist seller Starter Store or Basic Store
I’m a new or smaller business, seeking insights and branding tools to help me grow Basic Store or Premium Store Premium Store or Anchor Store
I’m a larger, established business requiring dedicated customer support Premium Store or Anchor Store Anchor Store or Enterprise Store

eBay Store Subscriptions* in brief

Best for sellers who have a handful of products and want a storefront to brand and promote their business.

$4.95/month with annual subscription or $7.95/month without

  • 250/month free auction listings or fixed price listings
  • $0.30 insertion fee per additional listing

Subscribe to eBay Starter Store →

* Please note:
- The fees on this page apply only if you subscribe to an eBay Store on Read this article to learn about the subscription fees and benefits on international eBay sites
- You can’t increase your selling limit by purchasing a Store subscription package
- If you cancel or downgrade your yearly subscription before the last calendar month of your yearly subscription, you’re charged an early termination fee
- Terapeak Sourcing Insights is free with a Store subscription of Basic level and above, while Terapeak Product Research is free to all sellers
- Yearly Store subscription is not available on

Savings in action: benefits in one example

Let's say that a seller had 1000 fixed price listing and within a month sold 1000 items at a price of $10 each. How much could the seller save this month with an annual Basic Store subscription?

eBay Store benefits
 Fees without an eBay Store subscriptionFees with a Basic eBay Store subscription
Insertion fees$262.50$0
Final value fees$1,625.00$1,200
Subscription fee$0.00$21.95
Total fees$1,887.50$1,221.95

One-month savings for this Basic eBay Store subscriber are $665.55!

Please note: Fees were calculated based on the Basic Store annual subscription, for items from the consumer electronics category with the applicable 9% final value fee. Optional fees, including advanced listing upgrades and supplemental service fees may still apply. Early termination fees apply to the annual Store subscriptions.

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