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Value Added Tax

VAT is an indirect tax that is imposed on any product sold or service provided. VAT is calculated based on the difference between the cost of the product and its price for a buyer.

Here are some things you should know if you sell products on eBay.


VAT import regulations for Portugal

eBay is obligated to collect valid VAT ID from Portugal sellers who exceed threshold in domestic sales or / and cross-border sales within the EU.


VAT import regulations for the UK

From 1 January 2021, the UK has updated an import model to ensure that goods from outside the UK are treated in the same way as goods already in the country.

Depending on whether you have a registered business account on, the scenarios and actions for you may vary.


VAT import regulations for the EU

In 2021, there were significant changes to how Value Added Tax is collected on cross-border e-commerce in the EU, following which eBay started to collect VAT on certain goods.

From February 2023, eBay also began collecting VAT for Digital Delivered Goods (DDG) sold on eBay to buyers located in the EU.


VAT on eBay fees in Kazakhstan

To comply with Kazakhstan tax regulations, eBay collects and remits 12% VAT on its fees for private sellers residing in this country starting October 1, 2022. Read this article to learn who is affected and how to register your Kazakh BIN with eBay.

VAT on eBay fees in Egypt and Bosnia and Herzegovina

To comply with local tax regulations, starting October 1, 2023 eBay collects VAT on fees charged to sellers residing in Egypt and in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Read this article to learn who is affected and what steps to take.

VAT import regulations for Norway

Since 2020, eBay collects Value Added Tax on certain items imported into Norway under the Norwegian VAT on E-Commerce (VOEC) Scheme. From 1 January 2024, the VOEC number must be stated electronically. Here you will find the basic information you need to know if you sell to Norway.

VAT on eBay fees in Nigeria

Due to Nigerian tax regulations, eBay started to collect VAT on fees charged to all sellers residing in Nigeria. Read this article to find out the details.