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How to appeal case outcome

If you don't agree with eBay’s resolution when it has stepped in to help resolve an issue, you can appeal by providing new information within 30 calendar days of the case being closed.

Whenever eBay is asked to step in and help with a return or an item that didn't arrive, it aims to resolve it in the fairest way possible. Sometimes, though, you might not agree with eBay’s resolution, especially if there's additional information you can provide to consider.


30 calendar days

is the time you have to provide additional information to appeal the case

time (1)

48 hours

is the time period in which eBay will get back to you with a final decision

When you appeal, eBay'll review the case and any new information you provide, and come back to you with a final decision. eBay will normally get back to you within 48 hours, though occasionally it can take a little longer.

Valuable insights

If you've received feedback from a buyer that you don't think is accurate or fair, take a look at the article about disputing feedback.

Information you may need when appealing

You'll need to provide new, additional information about your case. 

This can include things like:

shopping journey

Tracking details showing the buyer received the item before the case was closed. If the order's total cost (total of item(s), shipping and tax) is 750 USD (750 CAD/AUD or 450 GBP or 550 EUR, depending on the international site you are selling) or more, signature confirmation is required

Proof that a returned item was delivered to the wrong address or lost in the mail

Documents showing the item matches the listing description

Proof the buyer received a refund before the case was closed

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Signature confirmation (buyer’s signature on the delivery notification) is an additional service offered by providers of postal services. You can purchase it when you ship your items. Under certain circumstances, this service is required to receive eBay Seller protection.

Please note that international eBay sites can have different signature confirmation thresholds.

How to appeal a case

You can appeal cases that were "closed without seller resolution" from the transaction defect report in your Seller Dashboard.

How to appeal a case from your Seller Dashboard

  1. Go to your Seller Dashboard.
  2. Expand Closed without seller resolution to see your options.
  3. Select See cases and find the item in the list.
  4. Select See details and then send us an appeal. Make sure you include all of the new information you'd like us to consider.

Handling payment disputes

In some situations, a buyer may ask their bank or other financial institution to open a payment dispute if they believe there's an issue with their order. Payment disputes can take the form of a chargeback or other type of dispute. For more information on how to handle these requests, and how eBay can help, take a look at handling payment disputes.

How to avoid case openings

Fully understanding your responsibilities as a seller and aiming to resolve requests quickly can avoid unpleasant situations and build customer loyalty in the long run.

As a seller, how can you set accurate customer expectations and create a positive buyer experience?

Describe your items accurately

Use your listing title, photos, and description to give buyers a realistic and reliable idea of what they’ll receive when they order your item.

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What is Significantly Not As Described (SNAD) transaction?

If the buyer has received the item, but the item is damaged or it does not match the listing description, they may open a Significantly Not As Described (SNAD) return request.

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Ship your item on time

And remember to upload the tracking information.

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Honor your return policy

Maintain buyer trust by honoring the return policy you set for your listing.

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Work with your buyer

Communicate with buyers quickly and professionally to find an appropriate solution together.

Read about how buyers’ feedback affects your feedback metrics

Take action

Once you come to an agreement with your buyer, follow through on it. And if eBay asks you to take specific action, try to do it as quickly as possible.

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