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How to use an eBay seller account

To sell on eBay, you need a seller account. Learn how to create and use your eBay Seller Account.

How to register as a seller on eBay: step-by-step guide

If you don't have a seller account yet, create one! Use our step-by-step guide, it’ll help you all the way through the registration flow.


How to close your eBay seller account

If you close your eBay account, you'll no longer be able to sell on the site or access My eBay. You'll also lose your Feedback, as well as your purchase and sales history.


How to protect your eBay seller account

eBay takes a number of measures to protect your account. There are also some simple steps you can take yourself  to make the account more secure.

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What to do if your eBay seller account is blocked

The seller's account may be blocked, suspended or restricted. Find out why we take such steps and how to avoid the situation.


Changing registration country

eBay policy requires that all users must provide up-to-date and accurate contact information, including address. What should sellers do if they move to another region and want to continue selling on eBay? Read on to learn more about changing your registration country.

Multiple accounts

You can register multiple accounts on eBay. However, in order to maintain a safe and trusted environment for all our users, all accounts that a member uses are subject to eBay's buying and selling policies.

How to change your seller account type

If you've already registered with a personal account and would like to upgrade to a business account, there are a few simple steps you can take.