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Promoted Listings

What is Promoted Listings?

Promoting your listings helps your items stand out among billions of listings across eBay and reach more buyers to drive more sales.

Promoted Listings

How it works?

When you promote your listings, there are two campaign strategies to choose from to fit your unique business needs: the priority strategy and the general strategy.

Priority campaign strategy

A priority campaign strategy helps sellers reach highly motivated buyers with priority access to ad placements. This campaign strategy is ideal for sellers looking to reach motivated buyers, sell their items faster, and maintain control over their advertising spend.

When you promote your listings using a priority strategy, your campaign will use a cost-per-click model and you’ll only pay for clicks on your ads.

General campaign strategy

A general campaign strategy provides sellers increased visibility of their listings with general access to ad placements. This campaign strategy is ideal for sellers looking to increase awareness of their listings.

When you promote your listings using a general strategy, you only pay when your item sells. The amount you pay is determined by an ad rate, or the percentage of an item's total sale amount (including item price shipping, taxes, and any other applicable fees) that is charged when a buyer clicks on and then purchases any of your items promoted using a general strategy within 30 days.

Key benefits

When you promote your listings, you’ll have:

Access to ad placements that can increase your listings’ visibility to reach more buyers and drive sales

Flexibility and controls to match your business goals

A simple-to-use platform to create and manage your campaign

Getting started

You can promote your listings from your Advertising tab. Here's how:

  1. In Seller Hub, go to the Advertising tab.
  2. Select Create new campaign.
  3. Select Promote your listings from the ad type options.
  4. Follow the prompts to set up your campaign where you can choose which campaign strategy you want to use.
    • If you select a general campaign strategy, you’ll:
      • Select listing to promote
      • Choose an Ad rate strategy
      • Set your campaign Duration
    • If you select a priority campaign strategy, you’ll:
      • Select listings to promote
      • Determine your Targeting and Bidding strategy
      • Set a Daily budget
      • Set your campaign Duration
  5. Once you review your campaign details, you can Launch your campaign

Once a campaign is active, you can monitor and update your campaign on the Advertising dashboard.

You can also promote your listings at various points of the selling journey, including from Active Listings and when creating new listings. You must meet certain eligibility requirements to advertise, such as having an eBay account in good standing and maintaining high seller performance ratings.

Best practices

Continuously track ad performance to identify top-performing campaigns and adjust your campaign strategies accordingly

Regularly update your campaigns to reflect the current market and consumer trends

Look for custom-built recommendations and tips to improve your campaign performance and sales potential on your Advertising dashboard

Experiment with different campaign strategies to help identify the right advertising strategy for your listings to maximize your exposure and sales potential

Set a clear budget for your ad campaigns and regularly monitor your spending to identify opportunities to optimize your ad spend

Advertising and campaign dashboards

Once you have activated a campaign, you can view the performance of all of your Promoted Listings campaigns from the Advertising dashboard on the Advertising tab in Seller Hub.

Your Campaign dashboard lets you see detailed reporting for each individual campaign. While on the Campaign dashboard you can make edits quickly within the context of your performance.

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