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Sellers from Asia and the Middle East

The heart and soul of eBay are the tens of millions of people that sell on our platform. They are a diverse, dedicated and endlessly passionate group of individuals. Some have faced adversity or doubt and overcome odds with eBay’s help, others have walked away from traditional careers to pursue their dream of becoming successful business owners. Come explore the stories that breathe color into our marketplace.

Shiri Zylberman

Alltest, Israel

Exporter of the year — Female
award winner at the eBay Exporter of the Year 2022 ceremony

Exploring eBay as a buyer at first, Shiri decided eBay will be her platform of choice to expand her test & measurement business globally. Today she has 15 employees in her company supporting operations on eBay and also outside of eBay.

Shiri Zylberman

Aleksei Makarenko

Tema4x4, UAE

The Biggest Leap award winner at the eBay Exporter of the Year 2023 ceremony

Aleksei moved from Russia after the known conflict with Ukraine and has been able to set up an impressive set up in Dubai Free Zone. He deals in Japanese car parts and is very happy working with eBay as it has enabled him to set up such a business despite the disruptions in his own country.

Aleksei Makarenko .png

Ben Halfon

Benz Diamonds, Israel

Exporter of the year — Male
award winner at the eBay Exporter of the Year 2022 ceremony

Selling engagement rings and diamonds on eBay since 2011, Ben says that for him eBay is a more advanced and reliable environment than any other platform, and he can see it in the numbers with constant YoY growth. He believes that the most important thing is the positive feedback from the clients, especially when he receives a photo from a client's marriage proposal with a ring purchased from Ben.

Ben Halfon

Yakir Solcman

RoyalDentIsrael, Israel

Best Customer Service
award winner at the eBay Exporter of the Year 2022 ceremony

Yakir believes in the power of quality customer service. His dental equipment company invests many resources into it including a designated unit to answer customers inquiries and complaints 24/7. This allows the company to grow year over year and continue investing in new products and services.

Yakir Solcman

Idan & Hani Mishali

Idseeds farm, Israel

Widest Sales Geography
award winners at the eBay Exporter of the Year 2022 ceremony

Hani’s and Idan’s business started from Hani’s brother's obsession with purchasing products for his gardening hobby. Today they sell a massive variety of gardening equipment including seeds, bulbs, gloves, potato growing kits and more to 100+ destinations worldwide.

Idan & Hani Mishali

Izhak Ivgi

Liavagdan-0, Israel

Rising Star
award winner at the eBay Exporter of the Year 2022 ceremony

Izhak owns a successful gallery in Israel and has a massive collection of watches, pens, signed memorabilia, coins and more. Last year Izhak decided to expand his business globally, choosing eBay as his main platform and now he sells his products successfully all over the world.

Izhak Ivgi

Amit Lavie

whites_diamonds, Israel

Exporter of the Year
Award winner at The eBay Exporter of the Year 2021 Ceremony

Amit, 38, owns the Love Diamonds store on eBay where he sells jewelry. eBay sales make up almost a half of his revenue. “I chose to sell on eBay because I used to buy on the platform and saw that it was user-friendly and very pro-customer. eBay gives the customer confidence that someone is watching over the deal,” he says. “It helps us understand the customer, because we want the customer to always be satisfied.”

Amit Lavy.png

Lior and Liat Zabda

linoygift, Israel

Widest sales geography
Award winner at The eBay Exporter of the Year 2021 Ceremony

15 years ago, Lior and Liat Zabda left their jobs as economists and lawyers and took up online sales. They mainly sold various Jewish products such as shofars, lamps, collectibles, and more. After two years of learning, they broke the glass ceiling and now they are selling to over 100 countries around the world.

Lior and Liat Zabda.png

Michael Ben Raphael

the_periodic_element_guy, Israel

Best customer service
Award winner at The eBay Exporter of the Year 2021 Ceremony

Michael Ben Rafael has a unique business — he sells everything related to the table of elements. “I decided to sell internationally because there are millions of potential customers in the world,” he says, adding: “eBay is my main income. 99 percent of my customers are from abroad. In the last year, my revenue has increased by 50 percent.” He appreciates that eBay solves all the customer's problems, which also boosts the seller’s confidence.

Michael Ben Raphael.png

Ziv Ashuri

yuco_91, Israel

Rising Star
Award winner at The eBay Exporter of the Year 2021 Ceremony

Ziv Ashuri sells cosmetics and special care products that are customized to the customer's needs and produced without animal testing or preservatives. “I tried eBay eight months ago and realized they can take my business forward. Today 25% of our sales are overseas, and 95% of overseas sales are on eBay. The platform helps me reach a wider audience and find those people who are looking for products like mine.”

Ziv Ashuri.png

Galina Shabbat

Galina3313, Israel

Sellers’ Choice
Award winner at The eBay Exporter of the Year 2021 Ceremony

The winner in the Sellers’ Choice category is Galina Shabbat who started selling vintage, second-hand and recycled handcrafted fashion accessories on eBay a decade ago. “Since I have a hearing problem, I was looking for a platform that would meet my needs. I decided to try selling my hobbies — knitting, embroidery, jewelry, renovated and upcycled items. Today the store is an integral part of my daily life.”

Galina Shabbat.png

Adal Nawaz

Celtic Stuff, Pakistan


Rony and Naama Kroogliak

Flower Rainbow, Israel

Roni & Naama pic1.jpeg