How to list your items

How to list your items

How to create a listing: the step-by-step guide

Creating a listing is the first step in getting your item in front of buyers. Learn how to list an item and find answers to the most common questions about listing creation on eBay.

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Rules and restrictions in selling: items categories and number of listings

In these articles you'll learn what can't be sold on eBay, and which items are restricted on international eBay sites, how many listings can the new sellers create, and how to increase your selling limit.

Best selling items

How to decide what to sell on eBay? Whether to aim for providing a unique product or try to use the hottest trends? eBay is always aware of the most popular items among buyers so you can offer what is in demand.

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How to end a listing

You can end a listing early in certain situations. For example, if you discover that an item you’re selling is damaged. Learn how to end a listing and when you can do it.

How to revise a listing

You can usually make changes to your eBay listings, but there are some restrictions depending on what you want to change and when.

How to price your items

Listing your items at the right price will help them sell. It’s important to set a price that’s both fair for you and attractive to your buyer. Explore some ways that can help you determine the optimal price.

Selling through auctions

Listing in auction-style format works well if you want to let buyers decide what your item is worth. Read this article to learn how to set up an auction and what fees will apply.