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Regulatory operating fee

Where: UK, AT, BE, FR, IT, IE, NL, PL, SP, CH

  • What you need to know
  • How the regulatory operating fee is calculated
  • Next steps

What you need to know

As a global e-commerce platform connecting millions of buyers and sellers in more than 190 markets, we're committed to offering a trusted global marketplace in a complex regulatory environment that affects eBay and our sellers.

To address the rising costs associated with the increasing number and complexity of regulations, including consumer and environmental protection, as well as new taxation and customs measures, we're introducing a new regulatory operating fee.

How the regulatory operating fee is calculated

This fee is calculated as a fixed percentage rate (0.35%) of the total amount of the sale (which includes the item price, postage, taxes and any other applicable fees), and is subject to Value Added Tax (VAT), where applicable.

Next steps

Click the button below for more information on the regulatory operating fee and to see how the fee will be calculated.

Changes to Final value fee in selected categories on

Where: DE

Starting March 22, 2024, eBay will adjust Final value fees for certain categories on The changes will affect selected categories with standard fee rates, as well as the Media and Musical Instruments categories.

Learn about the new Below Standard fee

Where: IE, FR, IT, ES, AT, PL, NL

  • What you need to know
  • Next steps

What you need to know

At eBay, we’re committed to making sure that buyers have a great shopping experience and sellers are protected and supported for their outstanding service on our platform. That’s why we regularly evaluate seller performance and assign a rating that reflects the seller’s level based on our Global Seller Performance Standards.

We're reinforcing our commitment to creating great buyer experiences and supporting sellers who provide good customer service by introducing a Below Standard fee. From 1 April, 2024, sellers who receive a rating of Below Standard will be charged an additional 6% on top of the final value fee* for items sold during the following calendar month. This will continue on a monthly basis until the account is rated Above Standard or higher, and aligns us with existing fees throughout our platform. We've found this lifts the overall experience for both sellers and buyers.

Next steps

You can see your seller performance level in your Seller Standards dashboard on Seller Hub. It breaks down your performance each month, based on cases closed without seller resolution, transaction defect rate, and late delivery rate. A performance rating of Above Standard or higher will ensure you avoid this additional fee.

*Including the item price, postage, taxes and any other applicable fees.

New eBay Top Service badge on

Where: DE

In a few months, the new eBay Top Service badge will be used to highlight listings with the highest shipping and service standards on eBay Top Service badge will replace the eBay Guarantee and the eBay Plus badge, helping us to improve the buying and selling experience. The eBay Plus loyalty program for buyers will continue to be available.

We will use our eBay Top Service badge to highlight listings that offer these benefits, among others:

  • Fast domestic shipping with no shipping costs for buyers
  • Shipment tracking for items worth $10 or more
  • Easy returns within 30 days
  • Sellers with a Top rating or Above Standard level


The new eBay Top Service badge will prominently display these listings:

  • In eBay search results
  • On the item page
  • In the shopping cart
  • At checkout

Available in the coming months:
DHL return labels with your personal DHL rates

Where: DE

Soon you can use your negotiated rates with DHL for your eBay returns

  • Advantages
  • Next steps
  • FAQ

In the coming months, we will introduce a new feature for business sellers who bear the costs of returns: You can link your commercial DHL account with the eBay Returns Portal to simplify your return process and save return costs. The prices for your DHL return labels will then be based on the individual rates you have negotiated with DHL.


  1. Convenient returns processing at your own negotiated DHL rates.
  2. No manual processing of individual return requests necessary: The return labels will be issued directly through the eBay Returns Portal.*
  3. Fast assignment of returns in your warehouse via the return number. This corresponds to the order number of the item and is listed on the DHL return label as a barcode.
*Excluded are returns where any of the below has been found: 
  - Missing parts 
  - The item arrived damaged
In these cases, a return label will not be generated automatically. Please contact the buyer directly to clarify the matter.

Next steps

We will inform you as soon as you can link your DHL account with the eBay Returns Portal.


How can I participate?

Once the service is available, you can link your DHL account with the eBay Returns Portal. More information will follow soon.

Can I also use the service for my shipping labels?

No, the service only applies to DHL return labels.

Is payment for the DHL return labels still made through DHL?

Yes, payment is made through your DHL account.

How do I receive the invoice for the DHL return labels at individual rates?

You will still receive the invoice from DHL.

How can I use the new return number?

The order number now corresponds to the return number. You will receive this number upon receipt of an order and enter it in the field for shipment tracking in your warehouse management system. Conveniently, the return number is listed on the DHL return label in both spelled out and barcode form.

Are all return requests automatically accepted and processed?

No, returns are excluded where any of the following has been found: 

  • Missing parts 
  • The item arrived damaged

In such cases, you can either grant a refund or contact the buyer to clarify the matter.

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