Terapeak: effective market research tools

What is Terapeak?

Terapeak is an eBay service, a suite of exclusive insights tools for market analysis. Terapeak uses recent eBay supply, demand, and pricing data to help you determine what to sell, when to sell it, and at what price. Research market trends based on real data from millions of eBay transactions to effectively strategize your sales.


eBay sellers say their business grew in 2020


successful sellers use Terapeak often

Source: eBay internal statistics.

Terapeak product research and Terapeak sourcing insights let you research what your competitors are doing, how they’re doing it, and how you can improve your own listings on eBay. All sellers can take advantage of Terapeak’s insights directly from the Seller Hub Research tab

Sellers with access to Seller Hub can use Terapeak product research for free. 

Business sellers with a Basic Store subscription or above also get access to Terapeak sourcing insights as part of their Store subscription.

With Terapeak you can:

  • See how products and categories are performing across all eBay marketplaces
  • View clear, easy-to-understand statistics, graphs and charts
  • Search by keyword or product and use the filters to get the information you want
  • Get an overview of which products and categories are popular
  • Identify products that can drive sales and keywords in descriptions that help promote listings
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Terapeak product research

With Terapeak product research, you can see how products and categories are performing across all of eBay's marketplaces. Easy-to-understand reports provide an overview of which products and categories are popular, and which strategies are successful in attracting buyers.

Research recent marketplace price trends and real-world sales data for millions of items to optimize your listings. Analyze markets, competition, hot trends, and products to find the best-selling items on eBay. 

You can also:

  • See how products are performing across all eBay marketplaces
  • View clear, easy-to-understand statistics, graphs, and charts
  • Get an overview of which products are popular, successful strategies for attracting buyers, and potential areas to improve
  • Search by keyword or product and use the filters to get the information you want

For customized and targeted insights about markets you're interested in, simply search by keyword or product, and apply filters such as Listing type, Start price, Buyer country. You can also search by days, weeks, or months.

Terapeak gives you access to years of real-world sales data for millions of items, including:

  • The number of listings and items sold for particular items
  • Average sales prices
  • The conditions of items sold
  • Sell-through rates
  • Average shipping costs and the number of listings offering free shipping
  • Seller and buyer locations
  • Sales trends over time
  • Unsold inventory
  • Which listing formats sellers are using

Terapeak product research highlights

Get ahead of the competition by using these features to your advantage.

By researching top-performing listings and comparing listing details — such as photos, price, and item specifics — you can get hints on how to better optimize your listings. You can also identify data-driven keywords that could attract customers to your listings.

Additional Terapeak benefits for data handling:

  • Up-to-date data. Seller Hub data is in real time, so sellers can see all sales up to the present time
  • All in one place. Sellers don't need to use a different tool and can carry out all their market research tasks: insights, analysis and visualizations, all in one tool
  • Wide selection of data. Analytics includes not only listings that have already completed transactions, but also all active listings

Terapeak Research features

  • Category selector: Narrow your search by category and view only transactions that occur in a specific eBay category
  • Type-ahead component: Recommended keyword and category suggestions, based on the most frequent seller searches corresponding to the keywords you enter
  • Data visualization for items sold and at what prices: Spot and analyze trends for items sold and at what prices over time, including sell-through rate
  • Analyze relevant active listings: Review best practices by compare your listings with top-performing competitors
  • Data visualization for market share: Easily identify your top competitors’ market share and calculate average item prices
  • Multi-User Account Access: Provide your employees with separate access to Terapeak to streamline your operations

eBay plans to regularly update Terapeak research features and functions. Keep an eye on updates.

Good examples of Terapeak usage

Maintaining your customer base and identifying new opportunities is key to managing and growing your eBay business. Get ahead of the competition by finding out what they’re doing and how they’re doing it. Take a look at a few real cases where Terapeak can help you.

Market research

You can use Terapeak to analyze trends in prices, sales volumes and product availability over time. By analyzing this data, you can plan your inventory and pricing structure, better understand changes in supply and demand, and identify the sales volumes you can expect. The tool also allows you to filter by item condition or sales format.


And also to identify product sales trends from the previous year.


Sourcing single stock items

You can even use the above approach for used and low stock items by taking advantage of the relevant filters. This allows you to check trends, average prices, shipping costs and more. Take full advantage of additional filters to narrow your searches.


Identify and analyze single stock listings that have sold.


Listing optimisation

It’s easy to research the top performing listings and get hints on how to better optimise your own listings, by looking at listing details such as photos, price, item specifics and retail standards. You can also identify data-driven keywords that could attract customers to your listings.

Even slight changes in listings can make a big difference in promoting sales. In this way you can improve the most promising listings and reactivate underperforming ones.


Retail standard optimisation

Analyzing the most effective listings also gives you the opportunity to improve your retail standards and help you match the competition. You can immediately see high level metrics, such as the percentage of listings with free shipping and average postage costs. Take a detailed look at your competitors' best listings in terms of returns and shipping options.

Trade on international eBay sites

Terapeak helps you to research in other eBay domains and locations and enables you to make more informed decisions about which marketplaces you should promote your items on.


Terapeak sourcing insights

With Terapeak sourcing insights, sellers can access real-world sales data for every eBay category to develop their sourcing strategy and identify areas of opportunity. Terapeak sourcing insights is available at no extra cost to business sellers with a Basic Store subscription or above. If you don’t yet have a Store but would like to use sourcing insights, you can sign up for a Store today.

Please note that in order to access data about a category, you must have $500 or more in sales in that category.

With Terapeak sourcing insights, you can see top-performing categories, identify what’s selling well in those categories, and make informed decisions about what to sell next. 

You can also:

  • Identify categories with high demand and low supply
  • See trends over time, and stay ahead of seasonal demand
  • Use sales data to refresh your inventory based on what buyers are looking for

Terapeak sourcing insights also helps sellers to:

  • Source inventory based off of sold single stock listings to discover what is in or out of stock so that you can offer a competitive option
  • Research by Category to gain insights into categories which have high demand and low inventory represented on eBay

Terapeak sourcing insights highlights

Use these features to get the insights you need to grow your business.

Find high-potential categories — marked as “Great Opportunity” — that have high search volume and not enough active listings to meet the demand.

Go to Terapeak sourcing insights


Access Terapeak

Terapeak is available under the Research tab in Seller Hub.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do Terapeak results differ from eBay completed listings search results?

Terapeak results differ from eBay completed listings search results in several important ways.

  • More complete data: Terapeak search results include listings with sales, listings without sales, and active listings. eBay completed listings results include only listings whose outcomes are already known
  • Calculated metrics: Terapeak calculates a broad range of metrics for the results of any search, including average prices, shipping costs and terms, competition levels, sell-through rates, upward or downward trends, and more. eBay completed listings results include only listing-by-listing figures
  • Longer time periods: Terapeak enables users to search time periods of any length, across the last 3 years. eBay completed listings results include only listings that have ended in the last 90 days
  • Search specificity: Terapeak search results are intended to be highly specific to the searches that you construct; in general, a listing or sale must exactly match your search keywords and parameters to be included in results. eBay search results often include other "related" results, particularly if the search that you enter matches few or zero listings or sales

How do I refine Terapeak product research search results?

There are several ways to refine your product research search results:

  • Select a date range: Filter your results by specific date ranges - anywhere from one day to one year in duration
  • Apply search filters: Filter results by certain MPN, UPC, EPID, EAN or ISBN codes, sale price ranges, listing formats, item conditions, buyer locations, seller locations or eBay marketplaces 
  • Search by category: Filter results by transactions that occurred in a particular eBay category. To apply filters that are more specific to a particular category of items, select a category from all available sub category dropdowns (For example, eBay.com > Cell Phones & Accessories > Cell Phones & Smartphones.) Then select Filter to see dynamic filters such as Condition, Model, Colour etc.
  • Use advanced search logic or exclusions:
    • If you search for multiple words, for example "iPhone XS Max 64GB", you'll see listings with all of these keywords (iPhone + XS + Max + 64GB) in the title.
    • You can exclude results by adding "AND NOT" or "-" in front of a keyword. For example: "iPhone XS Max 64GB -cover" will exclude listings that have "cover" in the title
    • If you add "OR" between keywords, for example: iPhone XS MAX AND (64GB OR 256GB), this will show iPhone XS MAX listings with either 64GB OR 256GB in the title

Why am I unable to view some listings when I select them?

This means the actual listing was removed or made unavailable, either by eBay or the seller.

Does Multi-User Account Access work with Terapeak?

Yes, with Multi-User Account Access (MUAA), you can delegate access to your Terapeak account so that other members can perform certain functions on your behalf. This allows you to scale your business without exposing your password and other personal details associated with the account.

To find out more about delegating and managing access to your Terapeak account see our MUAA FAQs.


To give us feedback on Terapeak, select Comments? from the right hand corner of your Research dashboard.

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