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eBay’re making shipping internationally just as simple as shipping to local buyers.

New updates that make it easy to ship internationally


  • Introducing combined shipping for eBay International Shipping
  • We’re now offering buyers the option to choose their shipping method for international purchases
  • Next steps
  • FAQ

Coming soon: Combined shipping for eBay International Shipping

We’ve heard your feedback and are excited to launch combined shipping on international orders. By offering this option, buyers’ shipping costs will be determined by the weight and size of their entire order, rather than separately for each individual item.

With this new feature, eBay International Shipping will:

  • Offer lower shipping costs for buyers
  • Allow buyers to more easily order multiple items from the same seller
  • Increase conversion for sellers
  • Eliminate significant seller pain points, including the need for sellers to opt out of eBay international shipping or create new “combined” listings specifically for a buyer

Coming soon: The ability to offer different international shipping choices for buyers

We know that buyers value having the ability to choose — that’s why we plan on giving them the option to select their preferred shipping method at checkout when purchasing internationally.

In the past, sellers could only offer eBay international shipping or their own international shipping option on a listing. Now, sellers who opt in will be able to offer both eBay international shipping and another international shipping option on the same listing. This will also give buyers the option to pay applicable import charges at checkout or defer them until delivery.

Next steps

Sellers interested in offering buyers an alternative shipping option will be able to opt in. It’s important to note that, should you offer both eBay International Shipping and another international shipping option and a buyer selects the non-eBay International Shipping option, you’ll be charged the international selling fee and will be responsible if the item gets lost or damaged in transit, or your buyer requests a return. Visit the eBay International Shipping Program page for more information on updating your listings.


Can I combine anything into one order?

Items from certain categories, such as goods containing lithium ion batteries, might be excluded from combined shipping due to dangerous goods regulations.

How will current price limits be applied?

Currently, items up to $2,500 are eligible for eBay International Shipping. This price limit will be applied to the whole order — total order value (including shipping costs) shouldn't exceed $2,500. If it does, the order will be split into multiple orders up to $2,500 each.

How will current weight thresholds be applied?

Currently, scale weight thresholds for the eBay International Shipping program are set up at max 44 lbs for non-Canada locations and max 66 lbs for Canada ship-to addresses. Additionally, the package can’t exceed 48 inches in length and 84 inches in length and girth ((height x 2) + (width x 2)). These thresholds will be applied to the whole order — total order scale weight shouldn't exceed the threshold. If it does, the order will be split into multiple orders up to the threshold each.

What will be the default shipping option shown to buyers?

During the initial launch, the default will be the option with the lowest shipping cost. In the coming months, we’ll evaluate buyer purchasing behavior and make adjustments to how the default option is selected in order to maximize buyer conversion.