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Listing & Promoting

Read up about new features for Promoted Listings Standard that will improve your seller experience.

Social page now available for all sellers

Easily link your social accounts to your eBay account. Create posts, get detailed data, and more with the Social page, now available to all sellers

Earlier this year, we launched the Social page in Seller Hub, making it easy for Store subscribers to create custom posts by connecting their eBay account to their social accounts. Now, the Social page is available to not only Store subscribers but all eBay sellers in Seller Hub.

Save time by linking your Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts and create custom posts that’ll delight your customers and drive traffic to your listings. You can also post to multiple platforms at once and get insights into the traffic you’re receiving to your Store, listings, and category pages from social media. While the Social page includes Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for now, we’re exploring new ways to offer you a seamless integration with even more platforms in the future.

Get started now with our step-by-step guide that’ll show you how to link your Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts.

Sales tab on Storefront

Spotlight coupons on your storefront

We’re making it easy for Store subscribers to highlight active promotions by rolling out a new Sale tab on the storefront. This tab will feature all your coupon sales in one place, and make it easier for buyers to find your sale items. With this update, your coupon offers will automatically be front and center on your storefront — helping turn browsing visitors into happy buyers.

More details

  • The Sale tab will automatically appear for store subscribers who’ve created at least one promotional coupon offer
  • We’re exploring ways to include other promotions, such as markdowns, under the Sale tab in the future
  • If you want to create a coupon offer that’ll show up in a Sale tab on your storefront, visit the coded coupons page to get started

Sending offers in bulk

Send offers for multiple listings at once with the eBay app

You can now send offers for multiple listings at the same time on the eBay app. In the past, you could only send offers for your listings one by one. Now, you can save time on the go, target interested buyers, and boost your conversion rate by quickly sending offers for multiple listings.

Get started

To send offers for multiple listings, just go to the Active page within the Selling tab in the eBay app. You can send offers when a listing has one or more interested buyers who satisfy a number of conditions. When you have more than one listing that's eligible for offers, you’ll see a quick filter called Send Offers-Eligible. Just apply that filter to see those listings and send your offers.

For more information on sending offers for multiple listings, check out our Sending offers in bulk help section.

AI-enabled listings

List faster and easier with new AI-powered features

We’re rolling out new features to empower you to create eye-catching listings more efficiently than ever. These features are already live for some sellers, and will be gradually rolling out across eBay in the coming weeks and months:

  • AI-generated item descriptions
  • Improved background removal tool


  • What you need to know
  • Next steps
  • FAQ

What you need to know

Our goal is to build an intuitive, effortless listing experience that helps you get your items up and running as quickly as possible. With this in mind, we’re rolling out new AI-powered features to help you create high-quality listings that showcase your items, starting with item descriptions and photos.

AI-generated item descriptions

AI-powered item descriptions are now available to all US sellers listing in most categories in the eBay app. This new feature can save you time by suggesting an attention-grabbing item description at the touch of a button. You can use the suggested description as-is, or easily customize it to add more detail, adjust for accuracy, or fit your business’ unique voice. Try it out today to get your listings up and running faster than ever before. We’ll be expanding this feature to desktop in the coming months.

Improved background removal tool

We’re upgrading our background removal tool, making it easier than ever to showcase your item on a white background and increase your listing’s chances of standing out.

With just one tap, our improved tool will seamlessly create a white background for your item image, without the need for any manual editing or touching up. The improved background removal tool is already available to all sellers in the eBay app and anywhere you use the advanced listing tool, and will be expanding to desktop in the coming weeks.

Next steps

To access AI-generated descriptions or the improved background removal tool just look for both of these features when you list on the eBay app. You’ll see these features become available across the eBay experience in coming weeks and months.

Our goal is to make it easier and faster to create stand-out listings, and we’re continuing to explore how AI-powered tools and features can help you work more efficiently. Keep an eye out for more time-saving features to come.


Are AI-generated listing descriptions available in all categories?

This feature is available in most categories, and we’ll continue to roll out this capability across additional categories over the next several months.

What if my listing is inaccurate because of the automatically-generated information?

Our goal is to put industry-leading tools at your fingertips to streamline how you list. While these new features can assist in suggesting listing details, AI doesn’t always get it right. It's important to double-check and ensure all information is correct before your listing goes live. Remember, sellers are responsible for the accuracy of their listings.

Is it possible that my AI-generated listing descriptions will be the same as someone else’s?

This feature creates a unique description each time it’s used, based on information in your listing. That means it’s extremely unlikely for it to generate multiple identical descriptions. However, as always, if you see an issue, please contact us to report it.

Are these features only available in the eBay App?

Currently, AI-generated descriptions are only available in the eBay app. Improved background removal is available in the app and anywhere you use the new unified listing experience. We’re working toward rolling these new features out across all platforms.

Can I use these features to update an existing listing?

Yes. AI-powered descriptions and improved background removal can be used to update an existing listing through the eBay app. Improved background removal can also be used to update existing listings through the advanced listing tool. Just edit the listing as usual to access these features.

What if I want to touch up or edit my photo after I use the improved background removal tool?

Our new background-removal tool is designed to create images with no need for editing or touch-ups. You can reject the changes, but once you apply and save them, you won’t be able to revert to your original image. You’ll still be able to crop, rotate, and edit contrast after using background removal.

What if I want to opt out of any of these features?

AI-generated descriptions and the improved background removal tool are optional. You’ll still be able to enter your own listing description or edit the AI-generated description, as well as upload images without using the background removal tool.

Changes to listing categories

We’re helping buyers find your items by making changes to our categories

We continue to make category changes to create more intuitive search, buying, and selling experiences. These changes bring eBay into closer alignment with industry-standard classifications, enhance search engine optimization (SEO), and make it easier for domestic and international buyers to find your items.

Starting from 24 October, 2023, listings in the selected categories will be automatically moved to the most relevant new category. This may result in a change in fees (either an increase or a decrease).

The process is automatic, so no action is required. Following these changes, your listings will automatically be moved to the most relevant categories, and your buyers will be able to find them more easily.

Here, we’ll highlight some of the key category changes. To review all of the changes, please visit our Seller Centre page.

Which categories are changing?

Parts and Accessories

  • Performance Parts

We’re combining the Performance Exhausts, Performance Driveline & Transmission, Performance Chassis, and Suspension & Brakes categories into their corresponding categories under Car & Truck Parts. This will reduce duplication and help your buyers find the products they are looking for.

  • Automotive Tools & Supplies

We’re changing our Automotive Tools & Supplies category to more accurately categorize products and simplify the buying experience.

Additional category changes to Parts and Accessories can be found on our Seller Centre page.


We’ve added a replacement shoe-box category to let you list empty shoe boxes independently from regular trainers/sneakers.


We’re creating a separate category for Firearm Magazine Extenders, which helps us comply with applicable laws and regulations for magazine capacity.


We’re retiring some categories that are no longer compliant with regional regulations or eBay policies. This keeps you in line with legal changes, and ensures that non-compliant items aren’t listed on the site. To find out more about policy changes, take a look at our page on Seller Centre.

A new dynamic bidding strategy for Promoted Listings Advanced


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What you need to know

There’s a new dynamic bidding strategy coming soon for Promoted Listings Advanced, which automatically optimizes your bids creating a more efficient way of helping you stay competitive. Your keyword bids will automatically be adjusted to match our daily suggestions, taking the guesswork out of having to decide on a bid and keeping your campaigns running efficiently.

Don’t worry, you can always choose to leave dynamic bidding off and your keyword bids won’t change unless you go back to adjust them.

If you’d like, you also can opt to do a one-time match to the daily suggestions but please note, this has to be done manually and won’t continue to update.

Next steps

Soon, you’ll see a new option when creating or editing an existing campaign under “Set your keyword bids” prompting you to enable “Dynamic bidding.”


What are the benefits of a dynamic bidding strategy?

Keeping your ad campaign competitive in an ever-changing marketplace can be time consuming. The dynamic bid strategy offers you an effortless way to secure priority access to placements by automatically adjusting your keyword bids to match eBay’s daily suggestions.

Suggested bids are meant to help you find an optimal balance between cost and performance. They are calculated using factors that may include item attributes, seasonality, and past performance.

Which campaign bidding strategy is used with quick setup?

You have control over which bidding strategy works best for you. You can update your bid strategy at any time by editing your campaign. With quick setup, you’ll be able to choose whether or not you want to switch on dynamic bidding. If you use dynamic bidding and quick setup together, we’ll set initial competitive keyword bids and update them automatically to the daily suggested keyword bid.

Can I set up a budget for my campaign?

Yes, you can set up your daily budget for the maximum amount that you’re willing to spend on a single campaign per day. Some days you may spend less than your daily budget, but you will never be charged more than the amount you choose. Once your campaign has reached its daily budget, your campaign will stop serving ads until the next day, when the daily budget resets. Any unused daily budget will not roll over to the next day.

Introducing Smart Promoted Listings Advanced campaigns

Easily link your social accounts to your eBay account. Create posts, get detailed data, and more with the Social page, now available to all sellers


  • What you need to know
  • New smart targeting
  • More placements, more visibility
  • Next steps
  • FAQ

What you need to know

We’re introducing smart targeting for Promoted Listings Advanced campaigns, designed to save you time by simplifying the setup process and automatically updating and maintaining the performance of your ads.

Along with this, you’ll get access to additional ad placements for more visibility.

New smart targeting

With smart targeting, you can easily promote your chosen listings, while we take care of bidding and targeting automatically to save you time. Choose between two options: “smart” for a quick campaign setup and automated management, or “manual” for more control over setup and ongoing optimisation.

Additionally, with smart targeting, you can discover new keyword strategies for your manual campaign using the search query report from the smart Advanced campaign, making it easier to reach your advertising goals.

More placements, more visibility with Promoted Listings Advanced

With this release, you’ll also get access to new ad placements, including relevant listings pages and existing slots in search results. This will provide more ways for your listings to get discovered across eBay. Please note, these ad placements are currently only available for smart Promoted Listings Advanced campaigns.

Next steps

To create a smart Promoted Listings Advanced campaign and gain access to the additional placements, choose the “smart” option during the campaign setup. Then select dates, the listings you’d like to promote, set your daily budget and you’re ready to go.


What is Promoted Listings Advanced?

Promoted Listings Advanced is a cost-per-click advertising solution, which gives you priority access to placements across eBay to get your listings in front of interested buyers and help drive sales. Find out more by visiting our Seller Centre page.

How does eBay determine which of my smart Promoted Listings Advanced campaign ads are shown to buyers?

Ads are shown to buyers based on the relevancy of an item to a buyer's search activity. Relevancy is based on a number of factors, including the search query, past performance, and marketplace trends.

Once I’ve launched a campaign, can I change from a smart to manual Promoted Listings Advanced campaign, and vice versa?

You won’t be able to switch your campaign from smart to manual, and vice versa, after your campaign has launched. If you do want to switch, the best option is to end the existing campaign and then create an entirely new campaign.

Are smart or manual Promoted Listings Advanced campaigns best for me?

Smart Promoted Listings Advanced campaigns are ideal for both new and experienced sellers who want an easy setup and automated campaigns. Manual Promoted Listings Advanced campaigns are ideal for sellers who prefer more control and customisation over all aspects of campaign creation and optimisation.

Will my ads appear in different placements across eBay depending on whether I choose smart or manual Promoted Listings Advanced campaigns?

Yes. Smart Promoted Listings Advanced campaigns will show your ads across both search results and listing pages. Manual Promoted Listings Advanced campaigns will show your ads across search results pages.