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Assured Fit Guarantee program on

The eBay Assured Fit programme helps sellers build trust with buyers by giving them the confidence to purchase parts and accessories on eBay. eBay Assured Fit will cover most parts and accessories for cars and motorcycles with more automotive products to be added in the future. Tyres and wheels are currently excluded from eBay Assured Fit. In order to receive eBay Assured Fit benefits, you must add compatibility information (also known as “fitment”) to your listings.

How the program works:

  1. When a buyer searches for a part or accessory using their vehicle details, we’ll check the vehicle details against item compatibility information in your listing through eBay’s fitment feature. When there’s a match, fit is confirmed with a green checkmark on the listing.
  2. When a buyer purchases an eligible part or accessory with the green checkmark, fit is assured, or the item is covered by the eBay Money Back Guarantee, with free returns.
  3. If the item arrives and doesn’t fit the buyer’s vehicle, they can open a return request using the “Doesn’t fit my vehicle” return reason. If the seller chooses to resolve it by accepting the return, the buyer will get a return label from eBay at no charge (exceptions may apply).*
*Free return labels are not available for
  • International items
  • Items are shipped in multiple packages
  • Items weighing more than 20kg
  • Items in the “Wheels, Tyres & Parts” category

Detailed information on international updates

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