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Free optional listing upgrades for the UK market

When: March 2, 2023


Starting March 2, 2023, the Buy it Now option for auction-style listings and Scheduler listing upgrades will be free for all sellers on To help support your business and sell more, eBay continues to make more upgrades free.

Summary of listing upgrade changes

UpgradeDescriptionCurrent fee per listingUpgrade fee per listing (starting March, 2)
Buy it Now priceGive your buyers the option to purchase before an auction-style listing ends, for a set price. A Buy it now price gives you the possibility of a quick sale for the right money.50pFree
SchedulerCreate your listing now and set it to go live at a future time of your choosing.10pFree

Final value fee changes in selected categories on the UK market

When: March 2, 2023


Starting March 2, 2023, updates final value fees in selected categories which have a range of final value rates. For example, business sellers who sell in the Mobile and Smart phones category will see the threshold for the 6.9% variable percentage portion increase from £400 to £1,000. In addition, the portion of the total amount of the sale above the threshold will increase from 2% to 3%.

See the summary of final value fee changes for

Fee update for UK sellers listing sneakers (as a part of Global Final value fee update)

When: March 2, 2023


eBay also changes final value fees for Men’s and Women’s Trainers categories as it continues to invest in the platform.

Starting March 2, 2023, if you sell sneakers with an item price of £100 or more, a 7% final value fee will be charged when the item is sold, plus a fixed amount of 30p per order. Free insertions also apply for listings with a starting price of £100 or more.

eBay is among the most competitive destinations for sneaker resale. It has some of the lowest fees among competing marketplaces and offers the latest resources to help accelerate, grow, and scale your business: no-fee verified returns, seller protections, and Authenticity Guarantee. To date, eBay has authenticated over 4 million sneakers globally, with a pair of sneakers purchased every four seconds.

eBay is committed to delivering the most trusted, engaging, and exciting shopping experience — and to provide you, our sellers, with the best tools and largest buyer base.

Learn more about sneaker Authenticity Guarantee

UK Shop subscription benefits and fees

When: April 1, 2023


eBay increases monthly package fees from April 1, 2023 due to the recent investments and improvements made in Shopfronts. Specifically, eBay increases monthly package fees and removes the listing upgrade credit offered to Featured and Anchor Shop package subscribers.

The new monthly price continues to represent great value for money as it is significantly lower than what you would pay without a shop package — with new features like video capability, the ability to send coded coupons to buyers, and enhancements to surfacing your feedback on Shopfronts. If you don’t have a package, you’ll continue to pay as you sell without a monthly fee.

Additionally, eBay doubles the free monthly allowance of 7-day auction-style listings. For example, if you currently have a Basic Shop package, you’ll be able to list up to 100 7-day auction style listings. Please see the table below for the increased allowances.

Summary of Shop subscription 7-day auction allowances

Shop PackageCurrent
Free 7-day auction-style listings
Starting April 1, 2023
Free 7-day auction-style listings*
* Selling allowances and fair use policy apply

Summary of Shop subscription price changes

Shop PackageCurrent
Monthly price
Starting April 1, 2023
Monthly price
No shopFreeFree

For Featured and Anchor Shop subscribers the monthly listing upgrade credit will no longer be available. Instead, some listing upgrades will be made free of charge (see below for details). For listing upgrade fees incurred in March 2023, the final monthly credit will be applied in April and will cover fees incurred in March 2023.

All other shop allowances and benefits remain unchanged. You'll continue to receive an eBay packaging voucher worth £10 (if you subscribe to a Featured Shop) or £20 (if you subscribe to an Anchor Shop) each month to spend on eBay-branded packaging supplies.

Summary of Shop subscription benefits changes

Shop PackageCurrent
Listing upgrade credits
Starting April 1, 2023
Listing upgrade credits
FeaturedWorth £10 a monthNo longer included
AnchorWorth £20 a monthNo longer included

UK sellers whose performance level is Below Standard

When: March 2, 2023


Starting March 2, 2023, eBay will increase additional final value fees from 4% to 6% for Below Standard sellers. In doing so, eBay is continuing efforts to mitigate behavior that doesn’t support good buyer experiences and negatively impacts sellers on the platform. The additional fee will continue to apply to the total amount of the sale, and does not apply to Above Standard and eBay Top Rated Sellers. You can check your current seller level on your Seller Dashboard.

Changes to Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for electrical and electronic equipment in Germany

When: July 1, 2023


Starting July 1, 2023, in accordance with the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG, Elektrogesetz), distributors of electrical and electronic equipment are required to include a WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) number when selling products and on their invoices.

Learn more about the requirements (in German)

Partial refund extension for DE sellers

When: February 1, 2023


Starting February 1, 2023, DE sellers with Top Rated or Above Standard Seller levels will have additional protection against unacceptable buying behavior or other events beyond sellers’ control (when items are returned used, damaged or with missing parts).

Learn more (in German)

Fee changes in selected categories on the DE market

When: March 2, 2023


In spring 2023, eBay will lower Final value fees in the Coins and Sneaker categories, which could have a positive effect on increasing your sales. eBay is also adjusting the Final value fees thresholds for eBay Stores in the DIY and Gadgets categories. In addition, the Final value fees for low service standards have been adjusted to encourage sellers to meet minimum standards.

Learn more (in German)

Fee credit updates on the DE market

When: April 1, 2023


Per-order fee credit for canceled transactions

Currently, eBay keeps a €0.35 per-order fee when an order is canceled due to a buyer request. This is in line with fees that other marketplaces and third-party payment processors apply in similar buyer cancellation cases. We're excited to announce that starting April 1, 2023, eBay will refund the entire final value fee, including the €0.35 per-order fee, when you approve a buyer’s cancellation request. We recognize that buyers may cancel transactions for various reasons at no fault of the seller and we want to support you by refunding 100% of the final value fee.

Per-order fee credit on full voluntary refunds (excludes SNAD)

Moreover, starting April 1, 2023, when a buyer returns an item for any of the following reasons, eBay will extend the €0.35 credit for returns that you voluntarily refunded:

  • Ordered by mistake
  • Don’t like it
  • Changed my mind
  • Doesn't fit
  • Found a better price

eBay will also credit the €0.35 per-order fee when you issue a full refund of the order through the Send refund flow.

Prorated final value fee credits for partial refunds

Starting April 1, 2023, when you issue a partial refund to a buyer, eBay will automatically credit a prorated portion of your final value fee based on the adjusted total amount of the sale. Along with this, eBay will automatically credit prorated portions of other applicable fees including Promoted Listings Standard and international fees. Fees such as the €0.35 per-order fee, Promoted Listings Express fee, and Promoted Listings Advanced fee will not be refunded. eBay wants to support your efforts to make things right for your buyers and adjust your fees accordingly.

Learn more (in German)

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