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Category changes to help buyers find your items

When: May 2022

Where: all sites

eBay continues to make category changes to create more intuitive buying, selling, and search experiences. The changes bring eBay into closer alignment with industry-standard classifications, enhance search engine optimization, and make it easier for domestic and international buyers to find your items.

Starting in May 2022, if you listed an item in an affected category and your listing is impacted by the changes, eBay will automatically move your listing to the most relevant category. As a result of the changes to the category structure, if your listing is moved to a different category, you may experience a change in the fees (either an increase or decrease). See new category changes.

Updates to item specifics and category structures

When: May 2022

Where: all sites

eBay is rolling out new item specifics in some categories to help listings match what buyers are searching for. The marketplace is also updating a few category structures and item specifics names—all to help customers find your listings on and off eBay.

New item specifics and updated categories can take time to adapt to. As eBay rolls out these changes, it aims to keep new item specifics focused to a smaller number of changes—so you can benefit from the potential for increased visibility in those categories with as little disruption to your business as possible.

  • New item specifics will be available in some categories starting May 17. These item specifics will be required in mid-July 2022.
  • When eBay releases new item specifics, some category structures will also change, and some existing item specifics will be updated.

New item specifics will be available on May 17

To help your listings match what buyers are searching for, eBay is adding new item specifics in the following categories:

  • Collectibles (Toys)
  • Health & Beauty
  • Home & Garden
  • Parts & Accessories

These item specifics give buyers important at-a-glance information about an item, and can include things like brand, color, or size. Because these new item specifics are crucial to giving your listings the best chance of being discovered, they’ll be required in mid-July 2022. You’ll be able to add them to listings starting May 17. These item specifics will be tagged as Required Soon, so it’s easy to see what you need to add.

The eBay team is also working with industry experts to refresh how some categories are structured, and how some item specifics within those categories are described, to reflect ecommerce trends. This means that when eBay rolls out new item specifics, some category structures will also change, and eBay will update the names used to describe some existing item specifics. Learn more about category changes.

These changes are all key to helping listings be discovered by potential buyers on and off eBay, especially when buyers use search filters.

Tools to help you find and update missing item specifics

Whether you have a lot of listings or just a few, eBay’s got your back with time-saving tools and features to update item specifics:

  • Download/Upload file. Available in the Seller Hub Active Listings page, this tool identifies and updates missing item specifics in bulk.
  • Reminders in Seller Hub and My eBay. The Overview pages on Seller Hub and My eBay Selling will show reminders to update listings with missing item specifics.
  • Quick filters. Use quick filters on Seller Hub Active Listings to view all listings missing Required, Required Soon, or Recommended item specifics.
  • Required Soon feature. When you’re listing, look for indicators above item specifics that will be required soon. These will also show the date the item specifics will be required.
  • Edit item specifics in bulk. On the Seller Hub Active Listings page, select multiple listings to load into a pop-up window and quickly add missing item specifics.

Next steps

If you sell in any of the categories above, add these new item specifics as soon as they’re available—it may take a few extra minutes, but the time spent refining your item specifics should pay off in increased visibility and sales.