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E-commerce news archive

July 2021

  • Increase in the share of marketplaces
  • Upcoming high season for school supplies
  • E-commerce growth in Canada, India, China and Europe

And even more!

June 2021

  • Online retail growth in the U.S.
  • Ecommerce penetration in Indonesia
  • Tips to prepare your business for summer sales

And even more!

May 2021

  • Global e-commerce jumping to $26.7 trillion
  • Asia Pacific’s market growth
  • Shopping cart abandonment in UK

And even more!

April 2021

  • Online sales growth across the world
  • E-commerce boom in China
  • Global digital shopping trends

And even more!

March 2021

  • E-commerce growth worldwide
  • Apparel online sales in the USA
  • Future fashion spending boom in UK

and more

February 2021

  • Online retail sales growth in France
  • Global e-commerce index: the most attractive markets for online sellers
  • Research: customers purchased more from online retailers in other countries in 2020

And much more!

January 2021

  • Find out which is the fastest-growing category of e-commerce shoppers in America
  • How COVID- 19 has forced rapid change for e-commerce in Mexico, Russia and other countries
  • What is next in the evolution of the online shopping experience

And much more!