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eBay warns on parcel disruption in the UK

Due to a new strain of coronavirus in the UK some of the shipping services are stopping the deliveries to the UK and Ireland, while Royal Mail has suspended deliveries to Europe.

For example, DHL informs that deliveries by road of packages and letters containing goods to Britain and Ireland are suspended. Air freight and parcels within the UK would still be delivered.

Royal Mail has suspended mail services from the UK to mainland Europe. Deliveries to Ireland are unaffected.

Please contact your shipping provider for more details.

Possible action that you can take in a given situation:

  • Request your carrier for Air Express delivery or use another one that provides such an option (DHL Express, UPS Express, FedEx Express etc.). This will increase the shipping price and we recommend contacting the carrier in advance to clear all the details.
  • Change Shipping service to ‘Economy Delivery from outside UK’. This will increase the EDD to up to 35 working days and in addition you can increase your Handling time.
  • Cancel existing UK orders — appropriate sellers protection will be applied.

eBay is currently working on the seller protection for the UK destination.