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eBay Protection for Israel as Origin and Destination Country

A complete nationwide lockdown in Israel has been imposed from September 18 onwards due to a surge in Covid-19 morbidity in the country. That’s why eBay has applied the protection for Israel as origin and destination country.

Seller Performance

Protection is valid for:

  • Item location or destination address is Israel;
  • Orders with transaction dates falling within the period from 17 September 2020 till 31 October 2020.

If you meet the criteria outlined above and your transaction has a defect, please, contact eBay Customer Service. If you meet all other requirements, eBay will remove a defect from your Seller's Performance Metrics.

eBay will also remove all negative or neutral feedback left on these transactions, if there's no "Significantly Not As Described" (SNAD) claim.

The following defects will be removed from the Seller's Performance Metrics:

  • Late shipment
  • Seller cancellation defect
  • Neutral or negative feedback
  • Item not received (INR)*
* The defect and feedback will be removed only if you upload a valid tracking number before INR claim open date. That’s why we recommend you to do it as soon as your order is shipped to the customer.

Please note that you have to upload tracking information as soon as the item is shipped to the buyer. In this situation, if your transaction gets a defect, you can provide eBay a reason to remove it. If a buyer claims that they did not receive an item, please contact them as soon as possible and try to resolve the conflict. If you refund money before the case was escalated to eBay, it won't affect your Seller's Performance Metrics. However, it’s important that you deliver the best possible buyer experience. Please make sure you continue to deliver a great product aligned to your buyer’s expectations.

Extended Estimated Delivery Date (EDD)

From 17 September 2020 and till 31 October 2020 the extended EDD* for shipments from Israel (in working days) is:

  • Economy International Shipping – 48 days;
  • Standard International Shipping – 31 day;
  • Expedited International Shipping – 7 days.
* The extended EDD is valid for transactions with valid tracking number, made from 17.09.2020 till 31.10.2020.