Alberto González

hwmtycl, Mexico

12 years ago Alberto began to sell custom toy cars on eBay. It started as a hobby but later developed into a business that allowed Alberto and his family to improve their quality of life. Alberto works in an automotive paint shop, but he is also the founder of the Monterrey Hot Wheels club and the winner of several prizes and awards for his custom painted model cars.

Alberto Gonzales.jpg

Alberto and his family observe traditions, and one of the most important for them is the celebration of the 15th birthday. In 2017, when his eldest daughter reached that age, Alberto did not have enough money to cover the expenses, so his wife suggested putting one of his custom model cars for sale on eBay. Poor English and lack of knowledge about international shipping did not prevent Alberto and his wife from listing their first item, which was sold within 2 days. His listings got a lot of attention, the business began to grow, and the profits generated by eBay sales allowed him to pay for the party that his daughter had wanted so much.

Alberto has shipped his cars to customers from all over the world: Europe and Asia, Kenya, the United States and Canada. His eBay store is so successful that eBay sales have become his main income. Currently he spends equal time working in the workshop and running his business on eBay, but he hopes that in the future the online business will become his priority.

Alberto is very happy for all that he has achieved thanks to eBay. It has been a process of trial and error but he is very happy and proud of it. He has shared his selling experience with friends, who have also started their own online stores. Selling on eBay has given Alberto both economic and social advantages: his daughters can get a better education and therefore a better future.

“If it goes well for me, why not help others to do the same as I did”.