Andrea Varga


Cluj, Romania

Andrea and her husband have turned their passion for collecting postcards into a thriving business on eBay.


As a mother of two, Andrea likes to play the flute and has started a postcard business on eBay together with her husband. The idea came to her when they were searching online for some postcards of Loutraki, the place where Bogdan proposed to her while on holiday in Greece, which were not easy to find. Both of them love to travel and collect postcards from all the places they visit, but in their new roles as parents, they have little time left, so they now enjoy going on city breaks and to postcard fairs in Europe.

Andrea says she would keep all the postcards to herself if she could but she doesn’t have enough space for the tens of thousands of postcards they gathered throughout the years.

Fortunately, selling the postcards on eBay provides them with a good income every month that covers the family expenses and ensures a decent living for the four of them. They feel as if eBay opened the borders to a global market where they can run their business safely, especially in terms of the payments through PayPal, which they trust. They attribute their success to the hard work, the patience, the dedication and carefulness they invest in their business, with a helping hand from eBay. That is why they invest most of their earnings in growing their business, which they see themselves running with the same passion at retirement.

“Our revenues have changed for the better over the last five years thanks to eBay” - Andrea Varga