ZoneSmart Distribution LLC

Boost your sales and attract new customers with ZoneSmart Web App and US based fulfillment center.

Who needs this service?

Online sellers who spend too many resources on routine back-end tasks and want to simplify the management of their multi-channel business and boost their eBay sales using ZoneSmart logistics opportunities in the US. 

What is this service?

ZoneSmart Multi-Channel Selling Tool is a centralized platform that allows ecommerce merchants to manage and sync their inventory in real-time across multiple channels and automate their workflow. This ecommerce automation solution helps you transfer all the relevant data like listings, orders, stock counts etc. automatically and cut down operational costs. For those looking for an individual end-to-end solution, ZoneSmart offers tailored onboarding and integration services.  

The unique offer for eBay sellers 

As an official eBay service provider, ZoneSmart considers eBay sellers an important part of its user community, so all eBay merchants are entitled to a 15% discount on ZoneSmart subscription plans, as well as its onboarding, integration and fulfillment services. The first two months of storage in ZoneSmart US facility will be free of charge.

ZoneSmart benefits

  • Ready-to-go framework for your multi-channel business. Connect your Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon and Etsy stores.
  • Professional team will upload your eBay listings en masse and consult about Payoneer (EU bank account), business policies, marketing tools and third party applications.
  • ZoneSmart Fulfillment is waiting for your inventory in the US so you could guarantee 1-day handling and fast shipping worldwide. Competitive USPS, UPS and FedEx rates.


✉️ Gleb Tolstov, Head of Backoffice