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Who needs the service

Entrepreneurswho want to sell their products regardless of country border and those who are looking for the right logistics partner when selling on eBay.

Short description of the service(s) (up to 5 sentences).

«ShipReady offers its customers competitive prices as well as superior service quality, flexibility and easy accessibility in express shipments, and ShipReady takes the customer one step ahead with its software service.

In addition, due to its wide courier network, it quickly receives all shipments in Türkiye and ensures that they are shipped abroad within the same day. ShipReady ships to 220 countries worldwide and aims to provide direct service to its customers by increasing the number of branches in Turkey. »

Short description of the unique offer for eBay sellers and the pricing

«We look forward to serving all eBay sellers as ShipReady. A special customer representative will be assigned to eBay sellers by our company.

An additional discount of 20% will be applied to our basic tariff for all shipments of eBay sellers, but our sales consultants will further tailor the pricing and other shipping conditions to match your specific business needs.»