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ShipEntegra has all the capabilities and infrastructure bandwidth to handle any logistics challenge globally. It provides all e-commerce sellers with their potential international marketplace sales with excellent, affordable and discounted shipping service. The easy-to-use platform streamlines and automates the shipping process, it allows e-commerce sellers to manage all their orders in one place, simplifies the entire shipping process and eliminates paperwork, reducing human error, eliminating manual data entry, calculating duty and taxes, batch printing labels, updating shipping info to sales channels and tracking in one single dashboard.

Who needs the service?

ShipEntegra’s solutions are designed for e-merchants, dropshippers, retailers, wholesalers, brands to simplify and speed up e-commerce shipments management, save their Customer Care time and improving the delivery experience of the recipients.

What is this service?

Shipping solutions for every e-commerce seller:

  • Logistics, warehousing & fulfillment solutions
  • International Express & Economy delivery services with competitive prices
  • AI-powered platform to allow e-commerce sellers to connect, synchronize with shopping carts, marketplaces and manage them on a single platform
  • Full visibility and control over parcel shipping, returns processes, global tracking with economy service availability in more than 41 countries
  • Expertise in customs regulations for smooth clearance of shipments
  • Global returns solutions
  • Shipping insurance coverage
  • Complimentary pick up service
  • Multi-location drop off centers

The unique offer for eBay sellers

All eBay sellers are welcome to join ShipEntegra platform. They can integrate their store for free and receive 10%-40% discounted shipping rate instantly, 2 months of free warehousing service, free consulting with ShipEntegra account managers and free packaging materials.