ReCar is a used car/moto/trucks parts management and sales system. A convenient tool where you can monitor your stock, manage tasks, automatically create new listings on eBay, receive orders from eBay and use many more useful features.

Who needs the service?

Scrapyards, vehicle dismantlers, used auto/moto/trucks parts sellers.

What is this service?

  • Monitor revenue and profitability of a particular vehicle
  • Easily create new parts in the system
  • Scan the QR code of a particular part or a warehouse location.
  • Give a task to your colleague and prioritize it
  • Monitor your employees effort by a range of different parameters
  • Monitor your daily (weekly, monthly, any selected period) finances in one system
  • Get real-time shipping rates, print labels from over 20 most popular carriers, and get access to ReCar’s custom logistics lines
  • Seamlessly integrate with any website via plugin

The unique offer for eBay sellers

eBay sellers enjoy a free trial period: the first 3 months with full support from the ReCar team.


✉️ Deividas

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