LOVAT Compliance LTD

LOVAT collects all of your tax data across any sales channel and files your VAT returns in minutes.

Who needs this service?

e-Commerce sellers and companies who sell abroad.

What is this service?

International VAT registration and tax reporting services, consulting and tax representative services.

VAT/IOSS/OSS registration service. Deregistration service. Intermediary service. VAT representative service. VAT compliance service. VAT consulting service.

The unique offer for eBay sellers

Order VAT number registration/deregistration service and a 1-year Subscription plan and get 2 hours of tax consultation and OSS registration for free.

Just use the promo code or contact the LOVAT support team.
Promo code      EB22VAT1
(please, note - promo code valid until 31.12.2022) 


  • VAT registration prices start from 150 euro
  • VAT reporting prices start from 35 euro/month
  • Consulting prices start from 150 euro
  • OSS registration prices start from 100 euro
  • IOSS registration price is 200 euro
  • Deregistration service price is 100 euro
  • Tax representative and intermediary services prices are 80 euro/month


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