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BIZ Courier & Logistics SA

Who needs the service?

B2B and B2C clients of the company.

What is this service?

BIZ Courier & Logistics provides an All-European Fulfillment Service as an optimal solution for clients to handle orders from all over Europe, while keeping their inventory at one or multiple locations. The company offers Storage, Order Fulfillment and Last Mile Delivery to all destinations worldwide from its Fulfillment Centers in Germany (LZ), Italy (BZ), Spain (VC), Hungary (BU), Greece (AT), Bulgaria (RU) and Cyprus (NI).

The unique offer for eBay sellers

For fast moving inventory items BIZ Courier & Logistics offers zero warehousing fees, as well as warehousing insurance free of charge.


✉️ A. Giannouli, Administration Assistant

📞 +306955183634

✉️ N.Pantazopoulos, Senior Inside Sales Representative

📞 +306936186214