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eBay Fall 2020 Update

Listing & Promoting

  • Category changes to help buyers find your items
  • New item-specific updates and requirements
  • Seller Hub Performance tab updates
  • New Terapeak Research features in Seller Hub
  • Automatically set up and send Offers to Buyers
  • Ad rate update for Promoted Listings campaigns
  • Promoted Listings restrictions for Below Standard sellers
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Running Your Business

  • Use eBay’s new Time Away tool when you’re away
  • New Multi-User Account Access requirement
  • Updates to how eBay displays email addresses
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Fees & Financials

  • More ​monthly zero insertion fee listings​ for most sellers
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  • New eBay Money Back Guarantee threshold for signature confirmation
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Other Changes

  • Changes to VAT import regulations for the UK and EU in 2021
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