Promoted Listings

Get your listings seen by more buyers.

Why you’ll love Promoted Listings


Boost item visibility by 30%*

Your item's likelier to sell when more people see it. Promoted Listings puts your items in front of more shoppers, boosting visibility by 30%.*


Pay only when your item sells

You're not charged until a buyer clicks on your ad and purchases the item within 30 days.


Track your success

Get access to tools that help you monitor performance, then fine tune your campaigns to maximize sales.


A spotlight on your listings

Promoted Listings is the smart way to get your items noticed, and it's available to all Stores subscribers and Top Rated Sellers.

Promoted Listings puts your merchandise in front of more active shoppers, boosting item exposure by 30%* and increasing the likelihood of sale.

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How it works and what you get

Quick set up that takes minutes

  • Choose the listings you want to promote.
  • Set your ad rate.
  • Launch your campaigns.

Promoted Listings requires no additional creative or agency effort. Your ads are built right from your listings. It's that easy!

You're in control

You determine the fee you're willing to pay-choose a percentage of your item's final sale price before shipping and tax.

Start, stop, or make changes to your campaigns at any time.

Increased visibility

More shoppers see your items because your Promoted Listings, can appear in prominent locations across eBay, like item pages and the fourth and fifth spot of search results pages.

Placement is influenced by the ad rate you set and the item's relevance among other factors.

eBay has removed third-party product listing ads across eBay. Now, Promoted Listings promote eBay sellers' products to their buyers.

Detailed reporting

Get access to tools that help you monitor performance and fine tune your campaigns to maximize sales.

Clear billing

No surprises. See the fees for each item sold on your invoice.

Strategies for promoting your listings

Which items should I promote?

Consider which items that would benefit most from added exposure and traffic of Promoted Listings.

Think bestsellers, new listings, and seasonal must-haves.

When should I promote?

Holidays, events, and seasons provide great opportunities to attract motivated buyers and market your business.

Plan ahead and create inspiring targeted campaigns.

How much should I promote?

The ad rate you set is an important factor in influencing the chances of your ad appearing.

See current ad rate averages to help you determine the rate you want to set.

Test, test, and test again

Keep an eye on your Promoted Listings dashboard and make adjustments as necessary. Adding more high-quality listings or tweaking your ad rate may yield better results.


Understanding your dashboard

Your Promoted Listings dashboard gives you detailed reports on how your ads are performing.See your metrics, including

  • Clicks: The number of times shoppers clicked your ads.
  • Sold: The number of items sold through Promoted Listings.
  • Ad fees: The fee based on the ad rate set for your items.
  • Sales: Number of items purchased within 30 days of a click on your ad.

Make the most of your Promoted Listings

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Get started with Promoted Listings

Discover tips, strategies, and best practices to take your marketing to the next level.

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A seller’s guide to online advertising options

Learn the key considerations of online advertising and discover the how to advertise your listings on eBay.

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Optimize your campaigns

See the insider's guide to creating effective Promoted Listings campaigns

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*Average based on a comparison of item page views before and after activating promoted listings in 2017.