International updates

eBay Open is back! (US)

Get ready — eBay Open is back for 2023. This hybrid event will begin Sept 26 with in-person attendance, followed by three virtual event days from Sept 27-29

The biggest seller event is back and this year, you can connect and celebrate with the eBay seller community both in person and virtually. Join thousands of sellers for inspiring and informative insights, trends, and access to eBay leadership and experts.

Final value fee changes in selected categories on ebay.it

Starting July 31, 2023, eBay updates Final value fees in selected categories on ebay.it. Updates will be made automatically and no action on your part is needed.

Assured Fit Guarantee program on ebay.de 

The eBay Assured Fit Guarantee program makes it easy to sell auto parts and accessories on our marketplace. You are automatically protected by the program when listing car parts or accessories in the respective categories. And if an auto part still doesn't fit the vehicle, buyers will receive a free eBay return label* with no costs for return shipping for you.

How the program works:

  1. A buyer searches eBay for a matching auto part based on their vehicle information.
  2. As part of the eBay Assured Fit Guarantee program, we compare that vehicle information with the compatibility information in your listing to confirm a match. If there is a match, your listing will be marked with a green check mark.
  3. If the part still doesn't match, we'll send your customer a free eBay return label*. Since the return code "Doesn't fit my vehicle" will be treated as SNAD, eBay will protect a seller by not counting these returns against Seller service metrics.
*The German local return label will only be credited to a seller with a registration address in Germany. The eBay Assured Fit Guarantee program (eBay Fahrzeugteile-Versprechen) applies to listings in select categories (in German).

Detailed information on international updates

Do you sell on our other eBay sites? Here’s a summary of the international updates for you.

Austria — ebay.at

Belgium — befr.ebay.be (in French)

Belgium — benl.ebay.be (in Flemish)

Canada — ebay.ca

France — ebay.fr

Germany — ebay.de

Italy — ebay.it

Ireland — ebay.ie

Netherlands — ebay.nl

Poland — ebay.pl

Spain — ebay.es

Switzerland — ebay.ch

United Kingdom — ebay.co.uk