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eBay is continuing its progress toward eliminating unpaid items for Best Offer listings in the US

When: January 2023

Where: ebay.com

eBay understands the frustration of not getting paid after you’ve done everything right. You’ve created a great listing, waited for the right offer, and quickly accepted the Best Offer — only to have the buyer fail to return and pay.

You’ve heard eBay talk about the commitment to eliminating unpaid items. eBay has been testing different ways to solve this problem, starting with Best Offer listings in the US. The first phase of changes to Best Offer is already live for a significant number of buyers, who now have to provide a payment method up front before submitting an offer.

eBay is continuing to fine-tune and expand how it protects you from unpaid items. The goal is to extend the new experience to all buyers who submit Best Offers, first in the US and later across more eBay markets.

New experience for Best Offers submitting

When: Spring 2023

Where: ebay.com

In the coming months, eBay will roll the new experience out to all buyers who submit Best Offers in the US, and then expand to all eBay markets. In the second half of the year, similar solutions for other listing formats and price points will be launched.

See the buyer (1) and seller (2) experience:


Sellers can turn this function off in Account settings > Selling preferences > Edit Blocked buyer list > Buyer payment requirements.