Coded coupons

What are Сoded coupons?

The Coded сoupons tool is a new way to offer your buyers a discount through a coupon code. You can share coded coupons publicly (on ebay.com) or privately through your own marketing channels.


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Why and when should I use Coded сoupons?

With our suite of promotional tools, you may want to think tactically about when to use each option. Coded сoupons offer you control over your budget and flexibility in how you run your campaigns. Coded coupons may be the right choice if you want to:

  • Offer a discount to specific customers instead of adjusting the price of your items.
  • Limit the budget on your campaign — when your budget is reached, your promotion will no longer be seen by your customers.
  • Send a printed coupon code note in your order to encourage repeat purchases from your buyers.

Control your campaign by:

  • Setting a beginning and end date to your coupon promotion.
  • Deciding on a maximum budget.
  • Setting conditions such as minimum spend or a limited number of times a customer can use the coupon.
  • Choosing:
    • to offer your discounts to all buyers visiting your listing or at checkout (“Public coupon”);
    • to offer a “Private coupon” that isn't shown on eBay but can be shared with your customers in other marketing channels.

Repeat buyer indicator

Repeat buyers are more valuable than any other buyer. They return to engage and spend more on the seller's store. When a seller knows that the buyer is a repeat customer, it provides an opportunity for the seller to make informed decisions in sending coupons, improving engagement and the overall buyer experience. That is why eBay marks repeat customers with a special Repeat buyer indicator next to their names.

Who is a Repeat buyer?

A repeat buyer is someone who has purchased more than one order from a seller. This will include all buyers within a period of 2 years from the current date.

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How do Coded сoupons work?

This new tool allows you to create a coupon code that your customers can apply at the checkout. You can share coded coupons both on and off eBay.

Share on eBay

Show as a banner:

  • On your search results page
  • On your listing page
  • At checkout

Share off eBay

  • Print and send a coupon to buyers to incentivize another purchase
  • Share your coupon code on social media
  • Send your coupon code to specific buyers or friends

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How do I create a special offer?

Coded сoupons are available to eBay Store subscribers through the Seller Hub.

1. In the Seller Hub, click the Marketing tab > Promotions. From the drop-down menu under the Create a promotion button, select Coupon.

2. Generate the code you want to use and give your campaign a name.

3. Choose the type of discount:

Offer a set price reduction


$10 off over $50. Ends 31 May 2022.

Terms and Conditions apply.

Offer a percentage discount

Example: 20% OFF

Min spend $20. Max discount $40. Ends 30 Sep 2022.

Terms and Conditions apply.

Make a multi-item offer


Ends 30 Sep 2022.

Terms and Conditions apply.

4. Determine any requirements, such as a minimum order spend or a maximum number of uses for the coupon.

5. Determine whether you want to keep the coupon private or publicly available.

6. Determine your maximum budget for the promotional campaign and other monetary conditions. eBay coupons are free to use for sellers — there is no charge per buyer using the coupon at checkout.

7. Determine which items in your inventory are eligible for the promotion.

8. Add an image to the campaign that will tell your buyers more about it.

9. Set start and end dates for the discount.

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If you share your coupon on eBay, your terms (max. discount, min. spend, expiry date etc.) will automatically be displayed on your listings and the seller offer page. If you share them outside of eBay, make sure your terms are clearly visible and you provide a link to the Buyer Terms and Conditions.

How to send coupon codes to specific buyers groups?

Email marketing is one of the most powerful ways of reaching out to customers. 87% of marketers use email marketing to disseminate their content*. For every $1 spent on email marketing, companies can expect an average return of $42**.

* Content Marketing Institute, 2020.
** Data & Marketing Association, 2019.

Now sellers have the ability to send Store Newsletters with a coded coupon to specific buyer groups. It is an easy way for you to encourage potential customers when your seasonal inventory has the most potential to sell. Sellers are able to open up the audience size to an average of 1,400 customers who have made a purchase from their store in the last 12 months.

  • Group buyers by the period of last purchase. Explore your transaction history to identify lucrative intervals.
  • Send unique coupons for specific categories. You can sort your buyers based on their purchase history in eBay or Store categories.

Campaign examples:

  • Send a coupon to buyers that bought from your Store in last 30 days
  • Send a complementary coupon to buyers that bought “golf equipment” from your Store

To send a newsletter with a coded coupon to specific buyer groups:

1. Set up your coded coupon campaign in the Marketing tab of Seller Hub.

2. Go to Store tab > Store newsletter and select the Create newsletter button.


3. Choose an email template: Welcome, New products, or Promotional/seasonal sale.

These templates are designed to showcase your latest inventory or highlight a special collection of items. Click the Next button after each step in the email setup.


4. Select the group(s) you want to receive the code and edit the email subject line.


If you don't have buyer groups created yet or you want to create a new buyer group for this newsletter, you can click the link Create buyer group to the right of the dropdown menu and proceed following the prompts.



5. Customize your email: select the coupon campaign you want to send, edit the promo message, manage frequency and time to send the email.


6. Then you will see the email preview page, including the content and item list. Check and confirm that all information is correct. Click the Activate button — eligible buyers in your groups will then receive your coupon code! You can customise your message each time you send a code to a specific buyer group, provide richer email content, such as a list of eligible items with preview images.


Please be aware that the same buyer can’t receive more than one coupon from you in any 14-day period. So make sure you choose the most relevant buyers to receive your codes.

When creating and sending newsletters, switch the system language to the language of the destination country. The language of the newsletter content will change depending on the background language.

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