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Konstantinos Spiliadis

Best customer service Award winner at The eBay Exporter of the Year 2021 Ceremony

YouHerbIt_Hellas, Greece

Konstantinos Spiliadis is owner of YouHerbIt_Hellas store, which is located in Patra, Greece, and specializes in herbs, teas, spices and handmade olive oil soaps. He began to operate the company In 2011, together with his mother in the basement of his house. 10 years later, Konstantinos’ business has 9 employees and receives 60-70 orders on a daily basis. YouHerbIt_Hellas is highly trusted by its customers – only last year the team received 2,500 positive reviews.

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Konstantinos Spiliadis is from Patra, Greece. At the age of 17, he moved to Glasgow to study. Having gained work experience in Customer Service, he returned to his hometown 9 years later to start his business called YouHerbit. His work experience along with his studies helped him start his own company and made him realize the need to create a strong team of people who will help him achieve his goals and fulfil his vision.

In 2011, Konstantinos and his mother began to operate the company in the basement of their house. 10 years later, they have reached the point of having 9 employees and receiving 60-70 orders on a daily basis. The percentage of sales that come from abroad is estimated to be 90%-95%. Only 5% of sales come from clients in Greece.

“Greece is a small country that does not offer a lot of growth opportunities for business. The Internet and eBay offer us a chance to expand to the global markets that previously were unreachable to us,to develop and export our products to a huge audience of buyers all over the world,” says Konstantinos. “The advantage of eBay is that it offers a wide range of valuable tools that are easy to use for someone without previous experience in ecommerce. eBay is also a very user-friendly platform that is always by your side when you need it.”

Konstantinos’s first sale on eBay happened in 2001. He had just faced a difficult situation concerning a client who bought some products which then requested to return because they didn’t fulfil his expectations. YouHerbIt covered the return costs but when the package arrived, there were empty boxes from mobile phones. The team directly contacted eBay, and the platform found a solution and solved the problem.

“I would not say that the customer is always right, but if an issue arises, our team at YouHerbit first looks at the issue from the customer’s point of view to understand it and offer the best solution. We are honest and we are not afraid to admit our mistakes,” adds Konstantinos. “The common language we have with all our customers is respect, honesty and understanding, which translates very easily into all languages. All our customers know that we are by their side throughout the sale process until the delivery of the product they have bought from us. The truth is that when you do something you love, you find the strength to make it better. This perspective has won the trust of our customers and this award. It is a recognition for our team and a reward for our efforts all these years.”