Xobo studio LTD

Being the first studio in Israel with a fully automated system enables us to achieve the kind of growth which the Israeli e-market foresees in the near future. 

Who needs this service?

Any e-commerce business.

What is this service? 

Our service provides high-quality product photography for internet-based businesses, which is both cost-effective and easy to use. 

The unique offer for eBay sellers

10% discount for eBay sellers and a free pickup of the items from and back to the client.

Xobo studio LTD benefits

Xobo studio LTD allows you to: 

  • effectively reach more customers, reduce return rates and provide better customer satisfaction,
  • get expertise in the interface between the images and the website,
  • with our company’s experts using the latest technology, receive the peace of mind and confidence to grow your business to its full potential.


Yocheved Billowitz

📞 054-959-8811

✉️ office@xobo.co.il