Selling Basics

Selling is simple. We'll show you how

Learn about the eBay selling basics. Selling Limits and Zero insertion Fee Listings, eBay Seller Fees, Returns Policy, and much more that each eBay seller needs to know.

eBay Category limits

What are Selling Limits and Category Limits. How do they work, and what they apply to. Learn more how to increase your Limits.


Seller Fees

All about eBay Seller Fees. Find out how the fees are calculated and what they depend on.


Selling Limit and Zero Insertion Fee Listings

You won't be charged Insertion Fees for some listings on eBay. Find out how many Zero Insertion Fee Listings per month you can have.


All about Returns

A flexible and customer-friendly return policy can help you increase your sales. Select one of the five return policy options on eBay.


Cancel a transaction

Learn how to cancel a transaction, when it may be needed and how it may affect the Seller Level.